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Daddy’s Angel was a story I started way back when during my fan fiction days and I kinda left it because of the difficult subject matter. Although the theme had been many times before, I wanted to put a twist on it.

I spoke with one of my trusted beta readers, Tamara, about the issues presented in the book. Tamara is my go-to ‘Okay, does this make sense?’ beta reader. She doesn’t sing my praises and tell me how everything is wonderful. She’s a straight-shooter – ‘This doesn’t make sense but here’s why it doesn’t.’ While there were several issues we’d conversed on, there was one issue that was a big one between us – the races of the hero and the antagonist. I definitely didn’t want a Black man as Jackson (pimp) while a White man was Enzo (savior). As the reader, if you have noticed, many of my antagonists (Darren, Christopher, etc.) are the same race as the hero (Kieran, Eli, etc.). That is an intentional move. I’m not in the business to put down or vilify a Black man, true or fictional.

Jackson, although he is a pimp, he’s very protective of his girls and there is a bit of a soft side to him. You see a man who’d never gotten the love and admiration from his parents, sees to fulfill that role with the girls he’d chosen. Notice how I’m referring to them as girls, and not women. That is exactly how Jackson views them.

Enzo is a nice guy but one must wonder if he’s getting in over his head by becoming involved with Angela. If everything Enzo is doing worth the sacrifice…or if Angela will still return back to Jackson when all is said and done?

Finally, you have Angela. She’s broken. She’s hard. She has gone through a lot in her very young life and yet she still wakes up every morning with a determination. She has had many opportunities to leave Jackson and she refuses to; most likely, out of guilt. After all, he did save her from the streets and gave her everything she could ever want. Yet, you still feel that there’s something in Angela that she’s refusing to reveal and that thing may be the catalyst of everything.

It’s a difficult story to write and not easy by any means. When you have issues like prostitution, molestation, low self-worth, and child abandonment, it’s not an easy story to write or read, for that matter. It’s a powerful love story about second chances, self-worth, and hope. When Part II finally drops (here’s hoping this month!), I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.


2 thoughts on “Behind the Pen: Daddy’s Angel #ebook #fiction

  1. stephaniejynelle says:

    It is worth the wait. I’ll be honest, it was hard for me to read at first. There were other choices I saw but also in a way saw how that particular choice for Angela and Jackson could come about. My heart hurt for them both but I felt that Jackson is the more vulnerable one. Angela actually has a strength in her vulnerability that Jackson doesn’t. Angela has self awareness and truth to herself whereas Jackson has a murky understanding of his life. Let me know if I’m wrong.

  2. phatblackchick says:

    Thank you Vera for keeping it real with your readers and fans. I have read to many IR novels where black men are pitted against white men as villains and I’ve always taken serious issue with that. I appreciate your thoughtfulness because although some writers do this I believe unconsciously, it can be perceived the wrong way. Can’t wait for part 2!

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