iGino review!

Last year, I did an interview with the makers of iGino (See V-Spotlight Interview: Introducing the iGino for a refresher).

So after about a year (maybe a bit longer than that…), I was finally able to review the iGino. Here it is:


Disclaimer: I received the iGino in exchange for an honest review last year.

The creators of the iGino wrote to me asking if I could review their product last year. I told them I would. However, events in my personal life created a drastic change – I became pregnant and it was a high-risk pregnancy. That also meant no sex and no orgasms.


I didn’t tell the makers of the iGino about my pregnancy but I did inform them that I wasn’t able to use the iGino due to a medical condition. I didn’t want to wait until I was able to use to at least test out the iGino, however, so I had to be a bit creative.

I used it on my husband.


Now you’re probably wondering, why on earth would a woman use a vibrator on a man? Well, men get stimulated down there by a nice buzzing sensation. (Ever heard of vibrating cock rings? They’re big sellers for a reason.) So I asked my husband if he was game for an experiment since I wasn’t able to at the moment. As always with anything sex, my husband was eager.

The iGino is neat-looking. It very much reminds me of an iPhone/iPod and I’m pretty sure that design was intentional. It’s also very discreet and quite honestly, if someone didn’t tell you what the iGino was, they wouldn’t think it was a vibrator.

The iGino comes with two add-on features – a small, spongy cover that looks like flower petals and a plain one. I turned on the iGino and placed it against my husband’s scrotum. While he loved the buzz sensation, he also admitted it was pretty strong. I moved the setting down to low and he felt it wasn’t strong enough. The one faulty thing about the iGino, I will have to admit, is that there are only two settings – low and high. There isn’t a nice, good “middle” in the settings so I think the creators will have to work on that in the future.

Finally after my pregnancy, I was able to try the iGino on myself. My feelings were pretty much the same as my husband’s. The high setting really works. I mean, it really works. And because it’s so powerful, it might be uncomfortable and a little too much stimulation. The low setting worked but it didn’t give the buzz and the oomph that I needed to get off. So again, if there were just two more settings or even a nice solid middle ground for one, I think that would hit the spot.


The iGino comes with another really spiffy feature – you can plug into your computer to charge. Talk about discreet and convenient. For you online porn purveyors, this might be of interest to you.

So out of five stars possible – five being the highest and one being the lowest, I have to honestly rate the iGino as solid 4 out of 5 stars. The reason for the high rating is because the high setting works really well. If it wasn’t for that, I would probably rate it a solid three stars.  It’s not quite perfect but I think the next generation of it will be pretty unstoppable. I would love to see if the creators would come up with a toy that would stimulate the G-spot as well.

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