To be imitated is a form of flattery…

Or fuckery in this case.

I’ll be the first to admit – I’m the not best writer out there and I’m constantly trying to improve by writing a lot and reading a lot. The two go hand-in-hand. While I do appreciate some people giving me a nod to their work, I really don’t appreciate thieves.

A couple of years ago, I dealt with this problem when someone copied Blow by Blow verbatim, changing only the character names and some other details. I, along with others, confronted that person and her story was pulled down. I’m asking you all, my reading warriors, to do the same again.

Nene King, I believe is a corporation. She operates under the pen names Sasha Stark and Daniel Newheart.

During the past week, it has come to my attention, along with everyone else in the IR/MC writing world, that Nene is a thief. She has stolen a book by Renee Phillips and it was taken down due to a copyright infringement claim by Renee.

Ms. King made the mistake of stealing from me.

S&M was written in 2011. Nene and her multiple personalities’ books were written this year.

S&M is 30 pages. Each and every single one of Nene’s books that has the S&M storyline is 30 pages.

The storyline behind S&M is a woman discovers a kinky secret about her boss when she cleans his home. Nene’s and her schizo personalities have the same book here, here, and here.

I’ve asked Nene nicely to pull down the book before I filed a copyright infringement claim. She refused. Therefore, I am taking matters into my own hands.

I’m going to embarass the shit out of her.

Here is her email: She did tell me she was going to get another one and once I get that one, I’ll post it here and again on my Facebook page.

And here is a very lovely e-mail she wrote to me:

You’re a moron.

Good luck wasting your time “chasing” me, because Amazon is NEVER going to take my book down.



Because it’s not plagiarized you mouth breathing idiot. I noticed the similarities between my book, Lassoed By Love, and Renee’s. I PULLED THE FUCKING BOOK ONCE SHE ASKED ME TO!

It was an HONEST mistake. I admitted to it and pulled the book. Now you cretins are ruining my livliehiid. Sister on sister hate, due to ONE mistake. Have you never made a mistake?

Now you people are just posting shit everywhere. I WROTE DOCTORS SECRET (and every other book I have written) from scratch. STOP THINKING THE WORD REVOLVED AROUND YOU…

Here’s what’s going to happen.

1) I am not pulling the books
2) Amazon is not going to pull them. Why? Because they are NOT plagiarized and if they did pull them, I would sue them for discrimination. Why? BECAUSE THE BOOK IS MINE YOU BUFFOON.
3) You idiots will keep posting “reviews”
4) I will close this email accounts so I never have to deal with you people again. Also, I will stop reading the nonsense you post on my current books.
5) You will continue running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off and waste your time.
6) I will stop writing for a time and go back to living off my rich WHITE husband. Right now he’s laughing at how Black women go at each others throats and make up drama so they have things to do.

So, for the last time Vera, goodbye. You can do ANYTHING you want. The books are staying up…I will NOT be bullied into anything else.

If the harassment continues on any level outside of email (which I won’t be monitering) my husband will contact our attorney and have you brought up up slander charges.

Can you afford a good attorney?

Because I assure, we can.



Funny how her profile claimed she was a single mother. Now all of a sudden she’s married to a rich, white dude? Also, suing Amazon for discrimination? Based on what? Does she even know what discrimination is? But she’s going to threaten me with a lawyer? Someone should’ve hit her with a smart book because it’s clear she doesn’t have any.

Andplusalso….how in the hell are you writer but your e-mail to me is full of typos and grammatical errors? But you want me to believe you didn’t steal any books? 

I encourage everyone to spread the word that Nene King, along with her multiple personalities, is a thieving ‘artist’ and I’m very lightly using that word. One-star her book, letting everyone know it’s theft and to purchase S&M for the real story.  

You see, what “Ms. King” doesn’t understand is that, once people know she has stolen, people won’t purchase her books. They’ll read the reviews indicating it’s a stolen book and they won’t purchase it. Her reputation in the IR/MC world has already plummeted. I have let my author friends know. I have let my readers know. So if she wants to keep the book up on the sites, but will it sell?

I have contacted several sites behind the scenes where her books are up and filed a copyright infringement claim against all of them. I have been successful before in taking down books that have violated my copyright and I will be successful again.

Nene King, et al is a fraud, a thief, and a poor excuse for a human being. She should be ashamed of herself. She is a horrible writer and honestly, just a horrible, horrible person. She will reap what she sows.

And there you have it,




5 thoughts on “To be imitated is a form of flattery…

  1. Pinkivy Vine says:

    Wow….no wonder she is able to put out so many books in such a very short period of time. I have never read any of her books so I was not able to catch the similarities. I will definitely let everyone know what she is up to.

  2. stephaniejynelle says:

    It’s amazing how many guilty people threaten to sue. This makes her look desperate and unbelievable. I personally have purchased one of her books and thought it sounded very familiar. I apologize because I don’t condone that type of stealing and that is what it is. The is not hers or original. I am returning the book and leaving a review and it will be honest, and probably not nice at all.

  3. Toye Brown says:

    As an IR/MC author, I am in your corner, Vera. I do hope Amazon does right by you and the other authors and pull the books she has fraudulently written as her own.

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