BONUS #SexySunday Snippet: S&M IV

Here is another unedited snippet from S&M IV…

“Mari, you look like hell,” Victoria noted, “are you okay?”

“I did something really stupid last night,” Mariana yawned, “really stupid.”

“Girl, what did you do?” Bella asked. “It couldn’t have been that bad.”

Mariana sighed, then looked up to her friends. “I accidentally fucked Scott last night.”

“Now I don’t have a college degree so can someone explain to me how can someone accidentally fuck another person?” Bella asked.

“What happened?” Victoria asked.

What happened? Everything, Mariana wanted to say. Everything from the past two years. Everything from before. A clean slate? Maybe. Promising? Hopefully.

The biggest mistake of her life thus far? Most definitely.

Last night, she didn’t know her left from her right and she couldn’t blame an excess of alcohol in influencing her decision to sleep with her ex-boyfriend. Repeatedly. All night. Numerous positions. Multiple orgasms.

“What’s my name?”


Smack! “What’s my name?”


She swallowed the memory along with a big gulp of wine. Maybe it would calm down her throbbing clit, desperate for another visit from Scott’s tongue.

She was sure her ass was red from the times he’d slapped it. She was positive her thighs were going to be sore for days from being spread eagle.

“Mari…” he moaned as his hands ran through her hair, softly bouncing against her shoulders as she bobbed up and down on his cock. “Damn, baby…”

Fuck! Mariana downed her glass of wine, shaking off another memory from the night before. She hated Scott. Yes, she hated him. She hated how charming he was. She hated how his Southern drawl could make her tremble.

And she especially hated that he remembered how she liked to be fucked. “I went over to his house and…”

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