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This unedited snippet comes from S&M IV. A full snippet will be included in Love & War, the followup to Where I Wanna Be.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…” Sheree stepped aside and the other female interns followed her lead. “Who is that?”

Mariana turned around and saw Scott talk outside of his office. She hated he happened to look just a little extra fine that day with a white open collar and black dress slacks. He went over a portfolio with some other executives from a visiting company, while he smiled and laughed at their jokes. Mariana knew Scott well enough to know he probably hated their corny jokes and only smiled and laughed because he wanted the account and money.

She briefly closed her eyes and pursed her lips together as she remembered the spicy cologne he wore that morning. She would never forget it since she bought for him. She briefly wondered if he truly liked the cologne or he was teasing her by wearing it.

She crossed her arms over her chest and shifted her stance. If she concentrated hard enough, she could see the outlining of his cock inside his slacks. Her mind briefly drifted into memories of when he would call her into his office and they would fuck like it was going out of style. One day she wore a pencil skirt and when she walked just right in those Louboutin shoes he’d bought for her, her ass would sway from left to right, almost taunting him.

No, she was taunting him.

She then remembered how sore and red her ass was from him spanking her with his hands, then with a variety of implements he kept in a hidden drawer underneath his desk. At the end of the day when all of the employees left, she was spread eagle on the desk; bound and gagged as Scott fucked all of the aggression out with his cock and his magical fingers circled her swollen clit. And how her pussy clenched around His cock, milking Him. And how His tongue dived into her pussy over and over, claiming her as His woman and begging her to come for Him, bringing Mariana to orgasm several times. She lost count after six.

From that moment, she needed special permission to wear that skirt because she knew whenever she wore it, she was going to be fucked until she couldn’t walk.

“Do you want to come for your Master?”


Scott’s tongue traced the hollow of Mariana’s neck as a free hand squeezed her breast and He continued to thrust inside her. “Beg for it…”

“Mariana?” Sheree asked and Mariana’s attention snapped back to the present.

“That is Scott Reed – the Reed in McCormick, Reed, and Sheppard.”  Mariana cleared her throat. There went those feelings of want building inside her panties and her pussy fluttered with excitement and desire. It didn’t help matters the last time she had sex was before B. left for his tour and the fact Scott asked her out to a friendly dinner didn’t sit well with her. She was really wondering if Scott’s offer to take her out to dinner was as chaste as he made it seem. Granted she wasn’t obligated to go to dinner with him and she was positive his offer was nothing more than just two friends catching up with each other.

She just didn’t like the thought of leaving her panties at home when he would pick her up later. Mariana bit the inside of her cheek and silently groaned in frustration at her stupidity. Now she felt like an asshole for entertaining the idea of cheating on her boyfriend. Lord help me… “He’s the Executive Creative Director and partner. Every decision and detail goes through him. If he doesn’t see it, it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t matter if he’s sick in the hospital or on vacation, he will approve every single ad. If he doesn’t approve the ad, you will do it right until he does. Great guy if he likes you and you don’t disappoint him. The biggest asshole you’ll ever meet if you do disappoint him.”

Another female intern chimed in. “Asshole or not, I’ll ride that motherfucker until the sun comes up.”


Author’s Note: I am curious to see how many will cosign Mariana cheating on B. with Scott if that does occur.

S&M IV will be out this year. Release date TBA.


8 thoughts on “S&M IV/Love & War Sneak Peek #ebook #kindle #nook

  1. Tyra Ramsey says:

    I would love to see Scott and Mariana get back together. I got so caught up in their story. I don’t cosign her cheating on B, but I do want her back with Scott. She should break up with B first.

  2. Anaiah Peter says:

    I hope Mariana moves on from Scott, because I think he’s too disrespectful. B is uncomplicated and seems like a better match for her. Scott has way to much baggage and isn’t worth the trouble rich or not. I doubt this will happen considering the series is named S&M..lol

    Also congratulations to Vera Roberts for your beautiful baby!

  3. Jasmine Hanciles says:

    I don’t cosign it, but then I didn’t cosign with her getting with B in the first place.
    I think she might do it, B will be crushed and Scott could hang it over her head

  4. stephaniejynelle says:

    Well. I don’t condone the cheating but she shouldn’t have moved on to B anyway. Her heart isn’t his nor is her body. She belongs to Scott heart, body and soul regardless of the hurt and dissatisfaction. Life can really be a downer when in denial.

  5. phatblackchick says:

    If anything, Mariana is cheating her heart by being with B. She and Scott need to stop bs’ ing and get back to bidness. B is a rebound and he is deluding himself if he feels otherwise.

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