As I work on the long-awaited and highly overdue follow-up to the S&M serial, I decided to answer some questions about the books. In no particular order, here they are:

Are you going to kill off Scott?

No. I said that to see if anyone was paying attention to what I post on the blog.

Why is there such a long break between books?

Writing the S&M serial is very exhausting and I have to get into the mindset of many characters and figure out if something would actually work. While I did receive a lot of flack of not ‘finishing’ up Vol. II, I also think many readers didn’t realize there were five S&M books within a year. I think the real question is do you want me burnt out and put out crap or do you want me refreshed and take my time?

Did Mariana get pregnant at the end of Vol. II?

I will say this: her pregnancy, if there is one, won’t be viable. Mariana or Mother Nature will put a stop to it.

Is both Scott and Mariana appearing in Love and War?

Yes, they are.

In some of the sinppets, it seems as if Scott is holding it against  Mariana for their break when he broke it off with her. He didn’t trust her. So why he is putting her through the ringer and shoving Dove in her face when it was his fault.

Oh my dear Scott (in my Sanora voice)…

It’ll be explained further in IV, but in I Need You, it was heavily implied (and confirmed by Mariana) that after the bathroom incident, Mariana moved on with B. rather quickly; if not the same night, maybe a very short time later. I think that bruised Scott’s ego more than he’s willing to admit. His attitude went from ‘I’m going to do whatever it takes to get Mariana back’ to ‘All right, she wants to play games, I’ll play games with her and win.’

Scott does become a bit of an ass towards her but he never blatantly disrespects Mariana. He doesn’t call her out of name or make her life hell at work. But he does little things that will make you wonder why Mariana would want to be with him after everything is said and done – Dove is a prime example of that.  Some of the readers might be rooting for Mariana to be by herself or with another Dom.

Are you going to write another side book like Discipline and I Need You?

I plan to.

Does Scott and Mari have anal sex in IV?

LOL. Um…

Is Sanora getting her own book?

I’m not sure. Originally she was, but I think I can tell her story in IV.

Will Scott and Mariana have a threesome with Dove?


Will Scott finally get his happy ending?

Of course. I’m a big believer in HEAs.

If you have any more questions (of course none of them can be about the release date as explained in this post, please send them to me at eroticamistress@gmail.com).



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