Sunday Snippet: Daddy’s Angel II #ebook #kindle #nook


Unedited Excerpt:

It was painful how much she’d missed him.

Day and night, Angela thought about Enzo. What he was doing. What he was wearing. What other Hollywood stars he was meeting with. The power lunches. The fitted suits. The movie sets. The screenplays.  The movie premieres.

When her chaste thoughts about him disappeared, they were replaced with erotic images of them together – naked and sweaty with tongues entangled, fingers interlocked, thrusting and grinding under the moonlight as their moans became the soundtrack to their lovemaking.

Angela crossed her legs on the thought of seeing Enzo naked again. She felt her clit pulse in desire and need.

It had been a week since she’d last heard from him and Angela wondered if Enzo was going to attempt to come back over. A part of her wanted to see him. A part of her didn’t want to see him. She wasn’t sure if she could act the part of stranger towards him yet again.

Granted, he wouldn’t be a stranger the second go-around. Though she’d had frequent repeat customers who’d specifically requested her, it was just way too dangerous for Enzo to show up again. Angela couldn’t guarantee she’ll be on her best behavior without wanting to peel off his clothing and lick every crevice of his body.

She groaned in frustration. She hated this feeling. It was more than lust. It was the wonderful taste of freedom and the feeling of starting all over. She was young enough where it wasn’t too late and with the right person backing her, the possibilities were endless. Enzo promised her everything and she had to bide her time until he made a move. The thought of just leaving Jackson without looking back crossed her mind more times in the past week than it had in the past four years. One recent morning, she almost did when he took Vanilla out shopping. She told Jackson she was going to go the library and catch up on some reading and he wished her well.

Then a funny thing happened. Angela had an unnerving feeling she was being followed. She turned back often to see if her senses were right but there was no one. She concluded that maybe the thoughts of seeing Enzo again clouded her senses and it was just wishful thinking on her part.

Still, she couldn’t shake the feeling that not all was kosher. Jackson gave her freedom to leave the home but he always wanted to know where she was. Before, he didn’t care where she went because she’d always come home. Now it seemed he was determined to not have her leave – at all.


Daddy’s Angel is scheduled to be released this month. (Hopefully!)

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