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It has been four years since Eli made the biggest mistake of his life – and it’s about to come back to bite him in his ass.

Eliodoro “Eli” D’Amato has finally found happiness: his marriage to Faith is stronger than before, they’ve expanded their family, and Madre’s is doing better than ever thanks to a very popular reality show featuring all five brothers. But when a blast from Eli’s past comes back – with an unforgettable gift – will he once again be tempted by what could’ve been?

When Eli decided to work on his marriage, Simone Harris couldn’t get out of New York fast enough. The only problem is she has a constant reminder of what she wanted with Eli – her daughter, Elena. When Elena keeps inquiring about her father, Simone is put in a precarious position – to reach out to Eli or forever burn his memory. A return trip to New York will prove to be disastrous – and a blessing in disguise.

Faith D’Amato is a forgiving Christian woman who doesn’t believe in divorce. Years of therapy plus two additional children has made her marriage to Eli solid. But when Simone reappears in town with a daughter claiming to be Eli’s, Faith finds her belief system severely tested – and she’s not sure if she can weather this storm.

Love and War is the sequel to Where I Wanna Be and the fifth book in the D’Amato Brothers series. It is a sensual/erotic book that deals with forgiveness, trust, and commitment.

Unedited EXCERPT:

Everything, on the surface, was perfect. Her little girl was due to arrive any day and she couldn’t have been happier. Well, no, that wasn’t entirely true. She could’ve been happier. Things happened the way they were supposed to, she guessed. It was what it was.

“Have you heard anything from the baby’s father?” Meredith casually asked.

Simone glanced down at her feet. She successfully told the story that the baby’s father abandoned her the moment she got pregnant, forcing her to move back to Houston. Surprisingly, everyone bought the lie – even her nosey-ass, forever-instigating sister, Alicia, who was currently on baby daddy number three – a poor sap named Spencer, who Simone believed had a bra cup size that rivaled her own. Alicia openly bragged about having a good man as much as she could in front of Simone, seemingly rubbing it in that no matter how much money and success Simone accumulated, she would still be a single mother.

Melodramatic sister and baby father drama aside, Simone was too busy being focused on her problems. Throughout the pregnancy she contemplated contacting Eli to let him know what was going on with her, and possibly, with them. Each time she had the phone in her hand and ready to dial his number, she chickened out. Would he care about her still? Would he care about them? The way he discarded her throughout their relationship and didn’t bother to call her the morning after their breakup, told her everything she needed to know about his true feelings toward her. It didn’t take a genius to figure out if Eli ever wanted to leave Faith, he would’ve left her. It also didn’t take long to determine Simone played a perfect role in Eli’s intentions – a nice, new, shiny fuck toy.

At one point Eli did care about her and Simone was certain, that moment was sometime back in high school. Her heart burned with anger and she often silently wondered what Eli would do if she were to suddenly show up at his doorstep again with a baby – his baby – in tow. “No, I haven’t.”


Love & War release date TBA soon.  It is a crossover novel with the S&M serial.