#Sunday Snippet: S&M IV

“You have a choice and make it a good one,” Caprina cocked the gun and pointed towards him, “either you or her.”

“Scott, please…” Mariana begged him as she tried to escape Caprina’s grasp. “Please, honey…”

“Shut up!” Caprina tightened her grip on Mariana and she screamed out in pain.

Scott concentrated on Mariana’s eyes. It was his fault they ended up in the current predicament. It was his fault he let Caprina rule their relationship. It was his fault he subsequently chose Caprina over Mariana.

Scott wouldn’t be able to live with himself if something more happened to Mariana. “Me,” he quietly replied with a heavy heart, “kill me.”


Where’s Sanora when you need her?

S&M IV, the final installment in the serial, will be out this year.

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