#ThrowbackThursday: Where I Wanna Be



“You’re somewhere and it’s not here…” Eli whispered in her ear.

Simone blinked twice and straightened out her posture. She could smell Eli’s cologne and hated how close he was to her once again, making her stomach wrap in tight knots and her heart race a mile a minute. She also hated the desire that formed in her sex and spread throughout her body. “I was thinking about something.” She kept her gaze straight ahead.

Eli pulled up a stool and sat next to her. “Do tell,” he insisted.

Hell, no. Simone turned her attention to Eli and locked eyes with him. His hazel eyes were always warm and inviting, open to anyone and everyone. She noticed how serious they were, hanging on her words and silently demanding a response. The problem was they both knew Simone was going to give him one, whether she wanted to or not—a trait all of the D’Amato brothers shared. Those damn D’Amatos… “I was thinking about the future.”

“Good? Bad?” He pressed.

“I’m going to make you swallow my cum, Moni,” Eli whispered as he fucked her mouth with his cock. He forcefully pulled her hair and pistoned in and out of her hot mouth. “You suck me so fucking good. You’re my dirty little slut, aren’t you, boo?” Simone blinked the fantasy out of her head and tried to speak but was too tongue-tied. “Um…um…”

“That bad, huh?” Eli smiled at her. “So bad you can’t tell an old friend?”

Simone let out a quiet breath and took another sip of her margarita. Eli was just a crush. A simple, no-harm, no-foul crush. He was also a married man. A happily married man who was faithful to his wife and devoted to his young son. She would need to keep reminding herself of that. “I’m not sure yet.”

Eli placed a hand on Simone’s thigh and leaned closer to her. “I’m sure whatever it is, you’ll come to the right decision.” He smiled.

Please get your hand off my thigh. He was touching her. His hands were warm. They were gentle and firm. They were protective. She wanted him to move his hand a few inches toward the middle and feel the heat he created between her thighs. She also wanted Eli to get the hell away from her before they did something they both would regret. “I hope so, too.”


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