So about dem books…

The funny thing about motherhood is you quickly find out what’s a priority and what’s not.

It’s fun, though. I’m learning a lot of new things about myself and about my son, who I affectionately named Yoda. (So whenever you hear about me taking Yoda out somewhere or spending time with Yoda, it’s my son I’m referring to and not that little wise green creature (creature?) in Star Wars.)

I’ve also learned how to prioritize my time.

You see, I used to be a big time-waster and for good measure – I had a lot of it and a lot of it was spent online. Now that I’m a mother, I don’t go online very much anymore and when I do, it’s very carefully spent.



So that brings me to the current status of books to be released this year, in no particular order:

Love and War, sequel to Where I Wanna Be

S&M IV, the final (final?) book

Untitled Prequel to To Love and Obey

A D’Amato Brothers book featuring Tony’s story.

Daddy’s Angel

A few short stories that’ll be released.

So let’s start with the good news – I am writing. A lot. I’m lucky to have a newborn that’s relatively chill (hence why his name is Yoda) so I’m able to accomplish a lot when he’s both awake and asleep.

So what about that bad news?

When I announced the birth of Yoda, as expected, there were a few backhanded compliments along the lines of, ‘Congratulations but when are you going to release S&M IV?’ (Thank you for caring about my health, btw.)

Here’s an answer for you:

I don’t know.

Whenever I mention a release date, it’s always when I hope the book will be out, not necessarily when it will be. As I’m writing S&M IV now, the story is constantly evolving and when my characters tell me to pursue a direction, well, I start driving and see where it leads to.

Therefore, I decided I won’t be announcing any release dates until the week before said book is out. I figure at that point, I should know whether it’ll be coming out on a certain date. So to answer the questions I’m going to get:

No, I don’t know when Love and War will be out.

No, I don’t know when S&M IV will be out.

No, I don’t know when any books will be out.

I only know they’ll be out this year. 

Keep in mind, Where I Wanna Be, and the last full-length S&M book were over 100K words each and they both took some time to write. While I have been working on S&M IV on and off for the past year, the story has changed a lot, including how I’m going to kill off a main character (I wonder if his name has Christopher in it?).

Now, I am working on a short story I hope to release soon. I’m scheduled to give my editor something this week. Yikes! I don’t have much time! I do promise it’ll be a good story.

And there you have it,


3 thoughts on “So about dem books…

  1. Kiru Taye says:

    I totally know what you mean about change of priorities with a new baby. I’ve got a 10 month old and the past year has been a massive change in priorities.

    I hope you’ll let me host you on my blog when your next book comes out.

  2. stephaniejynelle says:

    Ms. Vera,
    As a proud momma myself I say enjoy yoda as much as you can. He and your hubby are tops. I live your stories and can patiently wait until you have completed them. I feel that enjoying your child is a story all in itself. This is truly an amazing time and may change some things for you and that is just fine. For those who are to impatient, take measure and see what waiting can do.

  3. Areya says:

    And that’s all it should be Diva. Congratulations on Yoda and you take your time and do what’s best for you…your (true) fans will be here…(waiting on pins and needles, that’s what makes it fun)

    Love you lots

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