#SexySunday Snippet: All I’ve Ever Wanted

“I’m not going to play you, Zo. Is that better?” Joey was frustrated he had to defend his current actions to his girlfriend when he thought she should’ve picked it up long before he had to explain.

“Are you mad?”

“Irritated.” He huffed.

Zoe took off her towel and kneeled in front of her boyfriend. She spread his legs wide and played with his flaccid cock until it hardened within her hands. “Maybe I can make it up to you.”

Seeing a woman play with his cock was one of the most beautiful things Joey had ever seen. It was more special that it was a woman he was in love with. “I’m starting to wonder, Ms. Mitchell,” Joey’s lips curved up into a large smile, “you did that intentionally.”

“Shhh…” she palmed his dick until it stood straight up for attention and service. She lightly kissed the underside of his cock before she gave it a long lick and suckled on the mushroom tip. “…are you going to give me a dissertation on your thoughts or are you going to shut up and enjoy this?”


All I’ve Ever Wanted will be out later this month.

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