#SexySunday Snippet: All I’ve Ever Wanted

Geez, has it really been a week since I’ve last blogged? That is awful! I’ll try to update the blog more.

Welcome back to another edition of Sexy Sunday featuring a snippet from the upcoming D’Amato Brothers novel, All I’ve Ever Wanted…which should’ve been released already. Yes, I know. I suck. But I suck for a good reason (no, no that reason…get your mind out of the gutter!). I decided to change the direction (a little) on where I was going with this story.

As I wrote, it occurred to me that this particular story, much like the other D’Amato Brothers novels, really didn’t require a lot of sex. In fact, I can say there’s not really that much sex in the story. Now, it doesn’t mean the story is chaste because it most certainly is not but I realized that sometimes, people just want to read a good old-fashioned romance without a lot of graphic sexual detail. Key word: a lot. Joey and Zoe are still gettin’ it in but I didn’t want their sexcapades to be the focal point. I guess a good comparison to All I’ve Ever Wanted would be that it’s sexier than The Nanny but tamer than Where I Wanna Be. The release date will be announced this week on the Facebook page.

Here is an unedited sneak preview of All I’ve Ever Wanted. Tomorrow, I’ll post a Behind The Pen insight on the story and inspiration.


A proud smile spread on Joey’s face as he thought about Zoe. Great couldn’t possibly describe the vacation. Amazing. Fantastic. Incredible. Excellent.

He didn’t have any expectations when he went on vacation, only hoping he would get lucky with Zoe and she didn’t bore him in bed. She was anything but boring. Her tongue was skilled, wrapping around his cock repeatedly as she sucked him. When she was on top, she rolled back and forth as if she already had his body memorized and knew where his erogenous zones were. He discovered a new one – his nipples.

And her moans…her sweet, beautiful moans. They started off soft and almost demure, growing into something voracious and deep, encouraging Joey to fuck her harder and faster with each thrust.

Own this pussy, baby. I want you to own it.

Joey felt his slacks tighten around his cock and refocused his attention to work. It wasn’t just the sex that had Joey addicted; Zoe was everything he wanted in a woman. She was ambitious, didn’t bullshit him, and could talk to him about sports and current events. She challenged his mind along with his body and soul, making him question everything he ever believed in about love, life, and relationships.

Sprung. That was the word that described Joey to a tee. He didn’t even feel ashamed about it. He loved Zoe. He was in love with her.


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