Sexy Sunday Snippet: All I’ve Ever Wanted (D’Amato Brothers #4)

Zoe closed her eyes as Joey’s lips once again devoured hers. She wasn’t supposed to get involved. She knew it was wrong on all accounts. It wasn’t going to work, said one voice in her head. You two will have no time for each other, said the other. Yet her body was yelling at her, practically screaming, let this man touch you everywhere and don’t let him stop until you’ve climaxed a few times.

Once again, Joey’s hands wandered all over Zoe’s body and the only thing separating them besides their clothing was air and opportunity. If Zoe wanted to let Joey down, now was the time to do it and that would’ve been the end of it. But as his lips found yet another erogenous zone, Zoe felt her resolve become weaker and her panties moist. Her breathing became more laborious, and soft moans escaped her lips as she clutched his body, holding on for dear life.

The heat between them was explosive as she felt his erection press into the vee of her sex. He growled each time she moaned as they slowly moved with each other, frustrated by their clothing, restricting them to full access.

“Joey,” Zoe finally managed to whisper.

“Yes, regina?” He breathed against her neck.

“Fuck me.”

Joey quickly pulled out the condom that was in his back pocket while Zoe quickly stepped out of her shoes so she can pull her jeans off. “I thought you would never ask.”


The release date for All I’ve Ever Wanted will be announced soon. Come back next Sunday for another Sexy snippet! 🙂

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