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When I started writing S&M, I really had no idea it’ll be a major serial. Sometimes I really don’t think that far ahead when I write a story. It occurred to me, I believe, when I was writing Vol. II, that there needed to be a Part IV.

I wanted to tell a story that was different from anything that was currently out and would be different from anything that would be out. No one can say the S&M serial is like anything else; there is no comparison. The story was purposely dramatic because in real life, there is drama – whether that drama involves you or another person. You are surrounded by it in some form. Dramas are often the highest-rated TV shows; people like to watch it.

It was that very idea that made me go, ‘I want to create a story where people could read this as if they’re watching it on TV.’ With that, the S&M serial was born. I wanted to create a hero that was different. A millionaire Dom? Been there, done that. A millionaire Dom who loves Black women? Hmm…intriguing but not original. A millionaire Dom who loves Black women, but has also experimented with his sexuality? A-ha! Bingo. Let’s face it – how many women are this excited about a straight man who once had a boyfriend?



A part of my creative process was to see how much I could get away with while a part of it was telling a story. I think my favorite comment has been, ‘Oh, I already know what’s going to happen in the next story’ to which I always reply, ‘Please tell me so I can stop writing it.’ (Some readers seem to be confused when I say that to them and always backtrack what they said shortly afterward. Funny how that works…). I’ve received a lot of flak, if you will, about how I was doing the serial. The most notable complaint was I shouldn’t have to do the books the way I did them – releasing one at a time. It’s easy for those to comment when they’re not the ones writing. They’re also not the ones releasing full-length books, and not novellas, one at a time. Please keep in mind, I did put out five S&M books all within a year. Can a sista have a break? LOL

S&M IV will be Sanora-based. It was important for her story to be told and how She became who She is. She’s this powerful and wealthy Mistress but really, how did She become that way? What was the moment where She went from being royalty and in the public eye, to being hidden and away from the cameras? And what is up with the fact She has to wear a wig and prosthetic nose when She’s out with Her husband? Obviously, he knows all about Her. What was that arrangement like? How did Dove and Aileen get involved? What do the submissives do when they’re not with Sanora? Do they have lives of their own?


If you’ve followed the story, you will see a pattern – Mariana’s story was I and II, Scott’s and Caprina’s story was Vol. I and II. It only makes sense for Sanora’s story to be Part IV. There are two S&M groups – those who love the story as a whole and those who are just in it for Scott & Mariana. Part IV is for the lovers of the serial. This is for y’all.

Sarah will have a redeeming quality in Part IV as well, but this post is about Sanora. Sarah will get her own post later.

As quite a few of you know, I’m a woman of my word. As I stated with the release of Where I Wanna Be, if you left a positive review of that book, you could either receive a free copy of S&M IV or the WIWB sequel, your choice. All you have to do is email me. (And don’t tell me your review name or what you said; I go by the honor system. If you lie to me, that’s between you and God.)

Quite a few are anxious for the final S&M IV. Well, so I am. It’ll be fun. I don’t know how long it’ll be but I imagine it’ll be epic.  If by chance, it’s quite big, the story will be broken up into two books and will be released at the same time.

Of course, I can’t leave this without sharing a snippet. As always, I’m available via e-mail –


“Can we stop by the pharmacy on the way back?” Mariana asked B. as they got into the car.

“Sure thing. Is everything okay?” He inquired.

Mariana knew the truth. Everything was not okay. Everything was pretty far from being okay. She wondered how Scott knew she was at the club. She didn’t see him or his friends. Security wouldn’t have recognized her. The servers didn’t know her. Yet, Scott knew she was there. He specifically knew she was in that particular bathroom. But that wasn’t the only thing that bothered her.

She still loved that man. She was still in love with that man. Her body missed him being inside her. Her heart fluttered when she saw him. And he felt the same way by the way he took her in the bathroom. Her back was still a little sore from being banged against the stall door. Her sex slightly contracted upon the thought of Scott. The worst part was the tight pull of her heart, yearning for him. “Um, yeah. I just need to pick up a prescription. That’s all. They’re open twenty-four hours so it’s good.”

“Okay, darling,” B. kissed Mariana’s hand. “Anything for you.”

B. drove to the nearest pharmacy and Mariana quickly got out of the car. She went straight to the pharmacy desk. “Yes, I was wondering if you have Plan B? Thank you.” Mariana cleared her throat. Plan B was an emergency contraceptive. She didn’t know what Scott’s game plan was but it was best she had one of her own. She didn’t want a fleeting moment of carelessness to result into something both she and Scott would regret. If she couldn’t be his wife, Mariana was not about to settle into being his baby mama.

(Makes you wonder exactly when did Mariana get pregnant if it wasn’t at the nightclub….)

And there you have it,


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  1. stephaniejynelle says:

    Love this snippet. I was ready to be mad at her for having an abortion . I’m still in the air about that. I have to say this serial is what got me totally hooked in reading all the IR stories by Miss Vera. I am proud to read something out of my comfort zone that has great passion and depth. You need to appreciate the time and work an author puts into it. I await the book because I really want to know more and see who and how they get theirs.

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