#SexySunday: Another Chance

Instead of the usual snippets I post on Sexy Sunday, I’m posting the flash fiction piece I recently did as an exercise for another group I’m a part of. It was challenging, yet fun. I think I should probably do more of these in the future to get my creative juices flowing whenever I have some writer’s block.

The exercise was to do a short fic based on the picture below. It was supposed to be under 400 words but your girl here made it under 500. Yeah, I need to work on my wordiness.

Enough babbling, onto the short:




“You’re hard to find.”

His deep voice broke the silence in the small conference room, startling her. She looked in the mirror to see him standing behind her.

Evan. Her one-time lover. Her full-time boss.

Nikkia knew the moment she interviewed to be his executive assistant, it was going to be problematic. She’d hoped he would’ve forgotten about their passionate tryst a year prior. She knew she couldn’t forget.

The way his hands seemingly knew the maze that was her body…

Her hot mouth enveloping around his thick shaft repeatedly…

Her slick and tight heat welcoming him as she gasped for air…

How they’d reached out for each other throughout the night over and over again…

The way she disappeared the next morning without saying goodbye…

Oh yes, Nikkia made sure she was hard to find.

She was a love ‘em and leave ‘em type of gal; never wanting to stick around for the second act of a performance. Getting emotional and caught up was not her thing. A relationship, she once told her friends, would just complicate things. She loved being unbridled and free.

Then she saw Evan again. Nikkia knew her plan went straight to hell.

“I wanted to touch up my face,” Nikkia mustered a response as Evan walked closer to her.

Evan softly caressed her face with an index finger and Nikkia briefly closed her eyes at his touch. She had many lovers before but Evan put a spell on her. At work, she downplayed the sexual tension between them, forcing her to focus solely on his eyes and nothing else. She soon realized that was a bad move. His eyes were full of the same sexual intensity and heat like she’d remembered and they were sending clear signals to her.

Why did you leave?

We have unfinished business.

I want you and I will have you.


“Your face looks perfect to me,” he softly responded.

Nikkia cleared her throat and turned around to gather her clutch purse. “We should probably head back now.”

“Or…” Evan took the purse away from her and it fell to the ground. “…we can stay here as the guests are entertaining themselves.”

Nikkia turned around and stared into Evan’s eyes, no longer wanting to fight the undeniable heat between them. She ripped his shirt open and he soon dived at her neck, placing hot kisses along the way. He turned her around and forced her up against the mirror, pulling up her dress and moving her thong panties to the side. He soon entered her, feral and hard, as if he proving a point to her.

Maybe working for Evan wouldn’t be a bad thing, after all.


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