Behind the Pen: Blow by Blow

notepadBlow by Blow was a story I was sitting on for a while now. Six years, to be exact. I started revising it back in 2009 and kept going back and forth with it, debating a couple of things: 1) if this was a book I really wanted to release and; 2) if I wanted to release this book under the Vera name. 

The thing about writing an escort/call girl story with a Black female lead is being prepared for the backlash of it and I’m positive I will receive plenty. That wasn’t the reason why I was sitting on the story for so long. The real reason is Blow by Blow is not a Pretty Woman-type of story, where after a while you forget homegirl was a hooker. It’s very clear throughout the story that Mariah, the main character, is a call girl and she doesn’t have any plans to give up her ‘career’ anytime soon. Not to mention there is plenty of graphic sex descriptions and profanity that could easily turn people off.

Still, I have never censored myself for the sake of making nice or ‘playing the game’. I think it’s a bit unfair to Black writers to always include positive images of Black women, without also showing the not-so positive images as well.  For every Michelle Obama, there are about fifteen Tami Romans (Vh-1’s Basketball Wives). And even when there is a positive image of a Black woman in a romance story, it seems we, the reader, are too busy picking her apart with a fine-tooth comb. But then, and you’re going to love this, we will also complain how she’s too perfect and has no flaws and blah blah blah…we can’t make up our minds if we want our heroines perfect or flawed and I wonder if that has to do with our own self-image with what we see when we look in the mirror than anything else. 

I figured by now in my short publishing career, you should know I don’t stray away from controversial topics. After all, this is the same girl wrote the hero using nigger bitch and nigger pussy in S&M III fantasy scenes and no one batted an eye to that. (Funny how the same people had an issue with a hero stepping out on his wife in Where I Wanna Be. I have to admit, that was very telling of people’s morals and what they will tolerate when I saw that.)

Anyway, back to Blow by Blow. It’s originally 70K words but I’m breaking it up into two stories, just to test the waters to see how it does. It’ll be priced at 99 cents. Yes, you’re getting a 35K word story for 99 cents. I say that’s pretty generous. 

In conclusion, if you decide to pick up the story, I hope you read it for what it’s worth: a romantic-comedy with a twist. Nothing more, nothing less. Mariah is not out to save the world. She’s not running for president. She’s not trying to become a doctor. She just wants to have sex and get paid while she’s at it. 

And there you have it, 


Bonus Blow by Blow snippet:

I placed small kisses on his dick because I know he probably likes the tease. His cock twitched at the feeling and Randall moaned a little. I licked my lips one last time, before I take the mushroom-tip inside my hot mouth, creating a sharp hiss from Randall. You like that, don’t you, motherfucker? Damn, I’m good.

I placed most of him—hence, I said most—into my mouth and let the sucking begin! Up and down I go and I add my hands to it, creating a twisting motion. I spit a few times to get him lubricated but I don’t make it obvious like those hoes do in those ghetto pornos.  It’s good so far. I’m sucking and he’s enjoying; we’re keeping pretty good company. But then he does the dreadful bullshit that knocked him off his Adonis status.


Oh no, he didn’t. I know he’s not trying to stumble through Sharon! I had the same problem with Mariah and now it’s with Sharon! Motherfucker! Now I need to get a new name. Suggestions, anyone?

But then Ran-asshole here decided he’s going to help me by placing his hand on my head like I need the assistance when I’m trying to suck. Just because my head is naturally bobbing up and down, it doesn’t mean I need your help, asshole. Why must guys feel the need they gotta push down our heads, anyway? Don’t they realize we’ll bite that shit off if they keep at it?

And to top it off, Randall here is a screamer. Oh Lord. I’m going to hear it from Aaron in a couple of hours.

Randall lost his mind and I continued to suck, damn near getting locked jaw because I’ve been down there for so long and then it happened – he exploded in my mouth. Wow. This is one really short date.  I always swallow and don’t think it’s because I prefer, neither. It’s in the contract. Yeah, believe that shit? Briana put in the fucking contract.

So I swallowed and climbed back to Randall. I laid beside him and gave him a moment to collect his thoughts. He’s all heavy-breathing and sweating like he just ran a damn marathon. He looked over at me and I giggled for him.

“Did you like that?” I smiled.

“Hell yes, I liked it,” Randall winked back, “give me ten minutes, though. I’m a little worn out.”

I’ve heard this before. Give me ten minutes, baby and I’ll tear you up.  Bull-motherfucking-shit. You ain’t going to tear a goddamn thing up, Limpy. You’re better off rolling over and calling it a night.

Reaching for the remote, I quickly find the Cartoon Network and begin watching cartoons. Hell, I gotta do something while Limpy’s taking a breather. Might as well enjoy Tom and Jerry.