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I hope you had a great weekend. I did. I spent most of my weekend in bed as many of you know I’m still on bedrest. So I spent my weekend in bed and asleep. Still adjusting to my new schedule.

The finale of S&M will showcase Sanora’s rise to power and how she really met her submissives and husband. It’ll also be revealed there’s a lot more to Sanora that she keeps private, particularly, her family. 

Finally, there will be a wedding. Actually, a few weddings but the one you all are interested in is the wedding of Scott Reed to Mariana Harlow. How they get to the aisle won’t be an easy one. I’m kinda curious how Scott is going to explain Dove and Aileen to Mariana, since Aileen is collared (and Dove will be as well).

There will be a lot of twists and turns and some heavy issues will be presented – one in particular – abortion. There will be a lot of BDSM and some uncomfortable situations to read. Expect more race play along with humiliation acts. It might not be Sarah who participates in those acts. It very well could be Mariana. Many characters in Vol. I will come back in IV in different roles and some in surprising roles.

It was previously announced that S&M IV will come out in February 2014. That date is flexible. It might be sooner, it might be later. I have decided to be generous once again with the S&M snippets. Just as I included a generous excerpt with To Love and Obey, I will also include a generous excerpt of S&M IV in the upcoming sequel to Where I Wanna Be, which will be out sometime this year. I decided to do it like that in case the February 2014 date is pushed back. So, you’re welcome.

Thank you all for your love and support of the S&M serial. It is finally time to say goodbye to a story and characters that have brought me so much joy and anguish, lol. It’ll be a great send-off.

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9 thoughts on “Some S&M IV News…

  1. jackie says:

    I just finished all of the S & M books Friday and Saturday,now I can’t wait for the last book. Mrs Roberts. I just loaned all the D’Amato’s books to my mom and she loves them. Thanks for the great read.

  2. Tanzi T says:

    Thank you sweet baby Jesus! I think I have re-read these stories about 4 times each. Hearing the release date, although tentative makes me happy, happy indeed!

  3. Michelle says:

    Ms. Vera, I have quick question…first I have to say that I am sooooo excited about this release…The question I have is with Aileen being collared and Dove will be as well, well Scott still being “sexing” them after he gets back together with Mariana and they get married???

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