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In the past on the Intoxication, I’ve had guest bloggers and authors on here, and it’s something I want to pick up again. Recently, I had some interaction with a male follower regarding a variety of topics and one of them was why he was attracted to Black women (he’s a White male). So I asked him to send me an article and I’ll post it on the blog since a lot of my readership are Black females.

When I read his e-mail, I had a visceral reaction to it and I briefly wondered if I was overreacting.  I forwarded to my husband and one of my good friends and they had the same reaction. I discussed the e-mail on my Facebook profile with other friends and they too, had similar reactions and were curious about the contents of the e-mail.

Originally I wasn’t going to post it. In fact, I wasn’t even going to acknowledge it. After talking with several readers about it, I decided to post the contents of his e-mail in its entirety.

There is one thing I think I should point out as you read his e-mail: When he said he ‘explored’ Black women on TV and the internet, what type of Black woman do you think he was referring to?

And now, the e-mail:

Why am I attracted to black females as a white male?    Since being afflicted with “Jungle Fever” as my friends like to call it iv never looked back and never regretted it. The cause is not as some people believe it to be “Social rebellion against family” as they all are very supportive or all my choices or that I think im black as iv been asked many time, like poppy said “I am what I am and thats all that i am. I did grow up in an area that was 99% white/1% Unspecified and my school reflected that demographic to a T. And like many people I Began to be interested in girls  for more then cheating off of during tests around 6th or 7th grade and and at first I was enamored with almost every girl I saw, but that all changed when a new girl moved to the area. She was beautiful and better yet she was very nice to me which at that time was not common. During the remainder of school my only other experience with black girls was internet and on tv which i used quite alot to explore my new found attraction. I did my best to keep my attraction to black girls on the down low as coming from a small rural area most of the people were not above being hateful and already being Jewish i didn’t need that kind of extra attention. So I spent my high-school days pretending to be attracted to white girls solely for social acceptance. After high-school i joined the army and met new people of all races and ethnic back grounds so I no longer needed to pretend to not to be attracted to black females. During my army training i became good friends with a girl who was half black and half Jewish so chemistry was there instantly. She was the first girl I had sex with and closest iv ever been to being with a white girl. When I finally arrived to my current location in were the demographics are over 65% black I was like a kid in a candy store, every shade and shape of woman you could imagine. The first major issue I ran into was that that a lot black girls for one reason or another arnt attracted to white men. But that issue is easy enough to over come just have to be persistent. Some of the other things iv encountered include that “light skinned” black girls think white guys are attracted to “Dark Skinned” black girls and vis versa not sure why that is, I cant speak for all men of all races but to white men black is black regardless of shade. Another important think to know is that due to the stereotype of white men being smaller than black men a white man sleeping with a black girl is going to try so much harder to please them to make up to their expected lack of ability. I hope i answers some questions and shed some light on this issue.


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