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I hope you all had a good weekend and you are refreshed and blessed! 🙂 I am. I’m taking it very, very easy as I recuperate from my surgery. I’m just glad I’m allowed to leave the house for a change, even though I probably won’t. Humidity in Los Angeles is no joke.

I wanted to take time out to address the controversy surrounding the upcoming book in the D’Amato Brothers series – Where I Wanna Be (WIWB). Normally, I wouldn’t do this and I actually prefer not to. I would like to think my work speaks for itself with no further explanation required. That doesn’t seem to be the case with this book.

There seems to be an interesting rumor going around that WIWB is a cheating story. I have never said that it was. I have never implied that it was. I have been very clear that it’s not a story condoning cheating but rather, a story about a man who’s having a midlife crisis and he’s not even 30. I have never written cookie-cutter romances and I’m not about to start. The story, for which I’m glad, has seemed to open a dialogue on what is acceptable behavior, what is considered to be cheating, and what is not.

Why does the definition of cheating vary? Why do women have certain limits? Why is one form more forgiving than another? Why is the other woman looked as a whore but not the man involved? Isn’t he just as guilty? Why are women who take back their significant others are looked as insecure women, and not as women who are forgiving and understanding? I find it amusing there are people who refuse to read WIWB but somehow cheer on Olivia Pope every week on Scandal.  Is cheating okay depending on the participants? Is it more acceptable if it’s two people you want to see together? Why, as a society, do we frown upon cheating in certain situations but accept it in others?

That’s the point of Where I Wanna Be. It’s to open dialogue and get you talking. A woman’s reaction to infidelity is quite unpredictable and varies from person to person. If she has no reaction, is she in denial? Is she has an extreme reaction, is she bitter and scorned? Does the Christian faith play a role in how we should treat others? What if the Other Woman wasn’t the villain? What if she was the victim?

It is not to say Simone doesn’t have her faults and she’s innocent. She very well knew what she was doing when Eli approached her. At what point is it strictly the man’s fault and at what point is it the Other Woman’s fault? What role does the wife play? What role does the marriage play?

Originally I based Simone’s character off a former acquaintance that I knew, who openly (and proudly) bragged about her affair with a married man, even so much bringing him home to meet her children (insert major eye-roll to that fuckery here) and letting him bring his baby over as well (are you done eye-rolling yet?). I decided after careful consideration, I needed to revise that. Simone’s character is educated and well-traveled; my former acquaintance was not. I had to think, why would an educated woman, who is capable of getting her own man, settle for a married one? Under what circumstances could that possibly happen?

WIWB isn’t a feel-good, predictable, awe-shucks-type of romance.  It’s supposed to make you think, wonder, debate with your friends, have a heavy discussion in your book club. What would you do if you were in that situation? How would you possibly react? What if you had a child together? What if you shared everything together? What if millions of dollars were at stake? What if…you both wanted to work things out but just don’t know where to start?

I had to rewrite WIWB because of a certain scene (and I sincerely thank the participants of My Wine Club has a Book Problem for their input), so WIWB is on scheduled to be released finally (seriously this time), this month. Yes, June. That’s a long way from March and April, yes I know. But the book is also 125K words and still has a starting price of $4.49 (before the increase to $5.99) with several book giveaways. You’re welcome.

I hope this post clears up a lot of things. Again, I don’t bite (unless you want me to and you’re into that type of thing). If you have any questions or concerns, you can e-mail me directly. As many readers know, I do respond to my e-mails and I will be open and honest with you.

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8 thoughts on “Behind the Pen: Where I Wanna Be

  1. ms missy says:

    well all i can say if some of your readers are pissed is because of the way you presented the couple. i don’t condone cheating but i would’nt say i want buy the book because Eli cheated on his wife is he wrong for doing so yes is he wrong for leaving his wife and child for a high school crush yes i don’t care what the situation if you are not happy in your marriage sit down and talk to your spouse from what if read the sex was good she worked cooked cleaned to care of their child so he was bored with his life wanted to see was the grass was greener on the other side people saw who you presented faith in all the other books and in your snippets so that’s probably why they have a problem with her being cheated on i don’t watch scandal so don’t know anything about olivia or how she was presented to the veiwers but i still won’t codone that cheating situation either cheating is wrong on any level but you should write you story the way you want to some may not buy it but alot of us will you should just called their bluff and published the book anyway and not make the ones who was going to buy the anyway wait.

  2. Sam says:

    I just want to state for the record.. I abhor cheating and it makes me cringe inside when there are any justifications for why it’s ever okay to cheat. And, I do not watch Scandal… I just don’t have the time.

    With that said, I have been reading the snippets from WIWB and I look at it more as a coming of age story of a couple and not a story about cheating. That they cheating is just an element. I am anticipating this novel because I think it will be tackled from an honest perspective. I have been with the same man for 13 years… since I was 17 and making a marriage work is tough especially from a young age. Often thoughts have been formed in our heads but hopefully no action has been taken. My only hope is that Eli and Faith make it back to each other in the end and come out stronger and wiser because of it… oh yeah and if you can have Simone fade into oblivion, you will automatically get a 5 star review from me. 🙂

  3. phatblackchick says:

    I honestly do not see the controversy. It’s fiction. It’s supposed to evoke thoughts and feelings and insight and emotion. And if you’re a true Vera Roberts fan, then you should know this isn’t your typical guy meets girl and live happily ever after. They’re gonna go through some shit before they eventually find their way back to each other. And how can you judge a book before even reading it? I’m sure these snippets don’t even scratch the surface as to what this story is truly about. Can’t wait to read it more than ever now…

  4. Anonymous says:

    I apologize if I posted the same comment twice, it didn’t seem like it took the first time, but Idk. Disregard one of them, lol.

  5. nikkia says:

    Very well said! Honestly some of the comments sound like they may be coming a scorned individual. Someone whose life/relationship was destroyed due to cheating, on their behalf or on the other party. I’ve read the snippets,more than once, and nowhere do I see you condoning/glorifying cheating. Cheating is never acceptable, but when/if it does, how its handled depends on the individuals involved. In my opinion there is never only one guilty person. Both people are responsible. Someone should have said no. Anyway, I’m glad your surgery went well and that you’re recovery is too. I’m (im)patiently waiting read Eli & Faith’s chapter in the D’Amato saga. Much ALOHA!!

  6. veraroberts says:

    The interesting thing about your comment is, you did justify the affair. Let me break it down:

    If Fitz’s marriage is a sham, the natural questions are: Why doesn’t he just leave? Why risk a scandal (pardon the pun) when it comes to light? He claims he loves Olivia, but if she’s dragged through the mud, is he going to risk his own reputation to save hers?

    It reminds me of a real-life example: LeeAnn Rimes. It’s been rumored for years, that LeeAnn’s first husband is gay and they married out of convenience. He’s had boyfriends, and so has she. Eddie Cibirian and his wife have had marital problems for years as well, rumors of him cheating and his then-wife, Brandi, being emotionally abusive towards him. When Eddie and LeeAnn had an affair and left their spouses for each other, still to this day, LeeAnn is known as the homewrecking ho while no one even whispers Eddie’s name. If her marriage was a sham and he was unhappy in his marriage, why is there so much hate towards them? Because as a society, infidelity is frowned upon…unless, it’s fiction. Then apparently, it’s okay.

    Again, it’s a case of ‘Because they have chemistry and they love each other, they should be together.’ Well, couldn’t the same be said for Simone and Eli? If he’s unhappy with Faith and wants to leave, what’s the issue?

    I often hear women say, ‘I would rather have my man leave than to cheat.’ But when that option is presented, they’re shocked that the man decides to leave instead. Well, you gave him a choice – if you’re going to cheat, just leave. Faith gave Eli that choice – I would rather have you be with Simone than to sneak around behind my back with her. I think the readers will be very surprised that Faith wasn’t the ideal wife. Not saying she wasn’t a good wife because she was – to an extent. A man can take only so much before he says, ‘You know what? I’m out.’ It makes you wonder…what role did Faith play in Eli choosing Simone over her?

    Food for thought.


    • Annigrey says:

      Yes, you do present a very thought provoking question. The only thing I can say to that is that people should go into Where I Want To Be with an open mind- and remember that even as much as this situation is real, it is in fact a fictional story. I can admit, initially I had a hard time with the subject matter but as Vera continued to post snippets and allowed us a moment to see beyond the situation, I stopped right in my judgmental tracks. That isn’t to say that I’m not going to go, “Say, what now?” Furthest from the truth. I expect that it’s going to be an emotional read, that it is going to test my boundaries as a reader , a woman, and a former wife. It’s going to bring everything to a boiling point- and I’m going to love it. The fact is that if a story can muster up this much dialogue BEFORE it is even released, can we even imagine the implications of this story on our thought processes when we begin to really delve into this?
      I’m itching to read this story, really. Because the long and short of it, it will make me step out of my box and see that there’s really no black and white, especially in relationships.

      (I really want to root for someone but there’s a snowball’s chance, given what’s been hinted to so far. So I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the bumpy as hell ride 😀 )

      Cannot wait for this!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think the reason people are more accepting of the infidelity on Scandal is because Shonda Rhimes makes it perfectly clear that the marriage was a farce from the start. She takes it a step further by making Mellie unlikeable and the chemistry between Fitz and Olivia helps as well. As far as I can tell, Eli and Faith love each other. This makes it harder to accept because then Eli looks like a selfish pig for leaving his wife and son for another woman because he’s having a “midlife crisis”. As for Simone’s role, I’m assuming that while she knows he’s married, she loves him so much or wants him so much that it doesn’t matter. And honestly, if he doesn’t care, why should she? Chesting shouldn’t fall solely on the other woman whether she knew of the marriage or not, he chose to give in to temptation and is there for is responsible for the majority of the blame. And as for Faith taking him back at the end, if she loves him and feels the marriage can be salvaged, why shouldn’t she? It’s not like she sat and twiddled her thumbs waiting for him to come home, from what I can tell from the snippets, she was dating and even found a relationship with Darren. They both needed time apart to grow and figure things out and if at the end of the day they want to be together, then okay. Cheating shouldn’t be acceptable in any situation but it all depends on the presentation when it comes to what people will be ok with and even cheer on. Anyways, I am looking forward to reading your novel and I hope your recovery goes smoothly.

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