#SexySunday Snippet: Where I Wanna Be (D’Amato Brothers #3)




But what Eli loved more than anything, his favorite body part on his wife – was her sex. It was hot, wet, and unbelievably tight, clenching on his fingers. Eli knew the moment he slid his thick shaft inside her, it was a done deal. Since they had been together, she was just for him and only him with Faith gifting her virginity to him during their teen years. It was a thought tattooed on his brain and he never forgot it, even telling Faith at one time as he masturbated her in the parking lot of a high-end restaurant, “I own this.”

He placed a gentle kiss on the inside of each of her thighs and raised his gaze to her as he lightly stroked her chocolate folds. “God, I missed this pussy,” Eli sighed.  He kissed her pelvic bone and then sat back, fully aware that she was watching him, but unable to tear his gaze from the treasure before him.  “I missed touching it,” he said, running his finger over her wet slit.

“Shh,” she whispered. Faith closed her eyes and stilled her body. It was that moment she realized the last time her and Eli made love. Sometime that week? Sometime the week before? Maybe that month? She honestly couldn’t remember nor did she care. She did care, however, that he wasn’t giving her what she wanted at the current moment. Dinner would just have to wait a bit longer.

Eli traveled his finger from his wife’s sex up to her stomach and caressed her breasts, lightly wetting them with her own moisture. A cocky smirk replaced the cool, smooth smile he had once his fingers reached Faith’s mouth to taste.

As she sucked on it, Eli smiled again, sensing the hunger inside her as she writhed beneath him. “You like that, baby girl? Sucking on my finger like it was my cock between your lips?” With his other hand, he started using his index finger to lightly brush her clit. “I missed you sucking my cock.”

Faith groaned and shifted a little on the table. She was conflicted – longing that release but wanting the sweet torture to last.  Her husband’s dirty talk did not help matters. If he wanted her to cum before he got started, she was about to grant him his wish. “Stop talking,” Faith warned him, a little more seriously this time.

“I missed licking this pussy,” he sighed, ignoring her as he dipped his head to flick his tongue over her swollen clit, just a couple of times. It was enough to make her legs shake a little. He steadied her thighs as he began to run the tip of his tongue over her slit, slowly dragging it up and down and then back up again.  “Mmm. . . missed tasting you on my tongue.”

She felt it approaching –a powerful orgasm that can only be brought on by his words, his body, and some absence.  Normally, she could hold out but it’s been a long time, and he’s trying so hard to make her explode.  She wanted to tell him to stop talking, that it’s going to make her cum before she’s ready, but she couldn’t form words. Instead, a soft whimper came out, “Eli.”


Release date: end of the month. Seriously this time. 

Another snippet (clean) will be posted on Thursday, a preview of the first chapter in the book. 


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  1. Sam says:

    Okay that was great! You have to give it as a little hint… Was this before or after they split up? I cannot wait to the release!!! Eee!

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