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Today’s Sexy Sunday snippet comes from The Nanny. For those who are unaware, I’ll be hosting a private chat re The Nanny on Facebook today at 5 PM PST over at a newly-formed book club created by moi, My Wine Club Has a Book Problem. I created the book club not to specifically talk about my books but to talk about favorite authors and books in general, and get recommendations from others. It’s not limited to interracial books or the romance genre. I do encourage you to join! It’s private and secret because I just don’t think everyone should know your business, lol.

For those who have read The Nanny, this scene is familiar to you. For those who haven’t, this scene solidifies the love and bond between Tiana and Kieran.


Hours later, Kieran went to bed. He saw Tiana was already sleeping so he walked over to his mother’s room to check on her and Tyson before he headed back to his bedroom.

He was in the middle of getting undressed when Tiana opened her eyes. “I’m sorry, bella. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s okay, baby,” Tiana yawned, “you didn’t disrupt me at all. Did you all have fun playing poker?”

“Yeah, Nick cleaned house,” Kieran removed his socks and climbed into bed. “Two months of haircuts and four dozen roses. Lucky bastard.”

Tiana smiled. “Well, maybe next time?”

“Nah, I was just playing for fun,” Kieran snuggled up to his girlfriend. “I won the best prize already.” He kissed her cheek.

Tiana felt that was her cue. “Kieran, baby, we need to talk.”

Kieran immediately withdrew from her. He knew whenever a woman uttered those words; it was the kiss of death. He wondered which brother was the final nail in the coffin. It reminded him to have a talk with Tony. “I’m listening.”

Tiana sat up in bed and turned the light on. She wanted to read his eyes. “You know I’m in the process of getting divorced and what’s it done to my psyche. Cris was an awful husband and has been a terrible father to Tyson. And because of everything, I’m guarded. And I’m raw. I wasn’t planning to date again for a very long time and I wasn’t thinking about bringing anyone around Tyson until I knew there was a definite future.” She paused and closed her eyes, trying to find the courage to continue. “Then I met you.

“You accept my faults, and love me anyway. You see my boring lifestyle, and love me anyway. My son can be so fussy and after dealing with him all day, every day, you love him anyway.” Tiana held Kieran’s hand. “I’m going to be guarded a little longer and I still have some trust issues to sort through. But if you can bear with me, I promise you won’t regret it.”

“Tiana, I’ll wait for you,” Kieran replied, “but only if you let me.”

“I don’t want you to wait,” Tiana got out of bed. She removed her pajamas and hair wrap, letting her locks fall down. “Kieran, I love you. This is me—naked and raw—with no expensive gown, no fancy makeup, no reservations, telling you I love you.”

Kieran got out of bed and removed his boxer briefs. “This is me, naked and raw, without the daycare, without the crazy brothers, without my rich family, telling you I love you.” He climbed on the bed and Tiana met him halfway.

Tiana briefly closed her eyes when Kieran caressed her hard nipples. She lightly wet her lips in anticipation. “So, what do we do now?”

Kieran wrapped an arm around Tiana’s waist and pulled her tight against his body. He was hard and his cock glistened with pre-cum. He kissed her lips before trailing his tongue down to her neck. “I guess we have to make it official, don’t we?” He grabbed her face with both hands and kissed her.

His kisses were hot and wet and Tiana felt that yearning inside her. She wanted this man. She wanted her man. She didn’t want to play the childish games anymore. She didn’t want to have any more reservations. She loved him and wanted to be with him.

Her body became flushed as she felt Kieran’s cock stir against her thigh. He forced his tongue inside and Tiana relished in the velvet roughness of it. Kieran’s impatient hands wandered all over her body, cupping her ass and squeezing her breasts, wanting to feel, taste, and touch more.

They fell onto the bed and Kieran rolled on top of Tiana. He saw the hunger in her eyes, the need to love and be loved. With a quick movement, he entered her, filling her as she tightly accommodated him.

They rocked in unison as they surrendered their love to each other. Their mouths hungry for each other as Kieran relentlessly drove into Tiana, solidifying their union and their bond.

Tiana clutched at Kieran’s back as she climaxed, her body quietly shuddering, and a small moan escaping her lips. He soon followed her and became still. He closed his eyes as he emptied in her, relieving himself of the frustration of not knowing where he stood and welcoming the opportunity to explore a new relationship with the woman he loved so much.

He reached down and captured her lips once again, rolling off Tiana in the process. As Tiana drifted off into a peaceful sleep, Kieran lay awake and thought about what just happened that night.

He was in way over his head. He just hoped he wasn’t making a big mistake.


I hope to see you at the club at 5 PM PST. Bring your questions and discussion topics! I’m sure quite a few of you will have a lot to ask! 🙂


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  1. Annigrey says:

    Vera, I’m trying to access your facebook page but I cannot. It says the content is no longer available. Is there a way you can send me an invite through the email? I really want to participate!

    Oh…and of course, The Nanny ranks right up there with S&M as one of my very favorite Vera Roberts titles!

    Great work!

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