#SexySunday Snippet: Where I Wanna Be (D’Amato Brothers #3)

Please do not come after me with pitchforks after you read this…


Simone smiled when she saw him. He was wearing a fitted shirt and jeans but looked like sex. She could smell his woodsy cologne from where she stood and briefly wondered if he could smell her desire as well. She blinked the thoughts out of her head and approached him with a hug. “Pleasant surprise to see you here.”

“Eh, your place isn’t that far away from the shop so I thought I would stop by and see you. I made something for you.” He handed her the custom bouquet. It had multicolored roses and several pins in it – a coffee cup, a woman holding a briefcase, and a bride.

Simone smiled as she saw the bouquet. Although she knew the bride was representative of her business, she secretly wondered if Eli sent her message about how he really felt towards her. “It’s beautiful, Eliodoro.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for listening to me last night. It was nice to talk to someone and get a female’s perspective on things. I can only do so much talking to my bros, you know?” He smiled.

“I’m glad it helped,” Simone set the bouquet down. “Is everything okay between you two now?”

Eli shoved his hands in his pockets and pursed his lips together. “If you ever visit my home, you have to sit on the sofa. It’s really comfortable.”

“Ouch,” Simone grimaced. “Still mad, huh?”

“I’m used to it,” Eli sighed. “She’ll be mad for a few days and not talk to me, despite me apologizing over and over. Then I’ll go out and buy something nice and expensive and all’s forgiven. But what I can do?”

“Sounds like you have expensive fights.” Simone smiled.

“Sometimes,” Eli admitted with a smile. “But for the most part, it’s not that bad. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for helping me out last night with your advice. I guess whenever Faye calms down, I’ll talk to her and apologize again.

“You’re welcome, Eliodoro.” She gave him a hug and immediately regretted it. Why did have to feel so good against her flesh? She felt her heart pound out of her chest and she took a deep breath. It was a damn crime on how bad she wanted that man.

“You always called me by my government name,” Eli quietly said. “I always wondered why you did.”

“Because that’s your name,” Simone spoke in his ear, “why would I call you anything but that?”

Simone’s lips were soft, slightly wet with moisture, and felt like heaven against Eli’s earlobe. He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her. His cock was twitching in his jeans and he knew she felt it as well. “Moni…” Her name rolled off his tongue like slow pouring honey. “…I was supposed to come in here and tell you goodbye and I can’t see you anymore.”

Simone felt her sex softly contract. Her breathing became slightly sporadic and she wanted Eli to take her down in the office with window shades up and for all to see. “It seems whenever that happens, we’re never that successful with saying goodbyes.”

He walked her back to her office, still holding her close to his body. “No, we’re not,” Eli cleared off Simone’s desk, pushing all of the items on the floor. He grabbed Simone’s waist and hoisted her on the desk. He ripped open her blouse, causing the buttons to fly everywhere. Eli hiked up Simone’s skirt around her waist and stood between her legs. He reached down and caressed her sex; she was moist through her bikini panties. “Fuck, Moni…”

“Eliodoro…” Simone moaned as she twitched on her desk. “I want you to fuck me.”

“I’m going to, baby,” Eli began to unbuckle his belt. “I’m so going to.”


For those wondering, the snippets posted aren’t in any particular order. Still waiting to hear back from the editor. Cover will finally be revealed this week.


And a bonus snippet of something else…

His lips were hot on her skin. His kisses were demanding and feral, and his tongue was eager to play with hers. The way he said her name over and over, in the Southern drawl she missed hearing so much. His hands wandering all over her body, wanting to cross that invisible and forbidden line.

They both fell back on her bed and her legs opened to accommodate his size. He stood almost a foot taller than her, but it didn’t matter when they were horizontal. Their bodies fit together like a puzzle.

A button came undone, then another, and another. She heard a sound, like a muffled cry in a distance. She soon realized it was her moans. She soon felt his hardened shaft pressing against her sex, begging for entry. His lips found hers again and she melted into the bed, wrapping her hands around his neck to pull him deeper. His kisses were perfect and they almost reminded her of Bernard.

Bernard. Her boyfriend. Fuck, I have a boyfriend. “Scott, stop. Please stop,” Mariana pleaded.

Scott lifted himself up. His chest was heaving up and down. He always listened to when a woman said no to him but even he could admit Mariana’s timing could not have been worse. “What?”

(No release date for S&M IV due to my upcoming surgery. Everything is being postponed until I recover. I greatly thank you for your patience.)

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  1. Sam says:

    I really hate infidelity in romance story-lines because its always hard for me to forgive the offending party or initiator of the offense and it signifies weak character traits. With that said, I am on pins and needles for the release and I know that in spite of my impending heart attack and disgruntled attitude towards certain characters, I will enjoy the read.


    FYI – There was a sentence structure error above – Paragraph 8 reads “But what I can do?”

  2. BeccaL says:

    No pitchfork, cause we need you happy and healthy …but I am seriously considering a flogger ….. Love the snippets & thanks for the teaser *S*

  3. Annigrey says:

    No need to come at you with a pitchfork…as long as this is before the reconciliation (LOL). As always, HOT snippet(s)! But it’s what I expect from the mistress…Hope your surgery goes well! Rest and recuperate knowing that your loyal fans will be here when you get back! Much love!

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