#SexySunday Snippet: Where I Wanna Be (D’Amato Brothers #3)

Welcome back to another (delayed) SexySunday featuring a snippet from Where I Wanna Be. As many of you may be aware now, the book is being edited so I don’t have a timetable on when it’ll come out. In case you missed the announcement on Facebook, Where I Wanna Be is around 100K words (300-400 pages, give or take) and will have a starting price of $4.49 before it bumps up. It’s the biggest book in the D’Amato series and it is longer than The Nanny and To Love and Obey. What can I say? I’m wordy.

The reason the book is so big is because I had to go back and show history between all three main characters (Faith, Simone, and Eli) so you would better understand the present drama involving them. Granted, I probably didn’t have to do that but I’m sure many of you don’t mind reading a longer book. It is my responsibility to give you more book for your buck. Whether you actually purchase the book or you read it as a loan, you’re still investing time in my work. You deserve something to get lost into, you know?

Enough babbling, onto the snippet.


“I don’t deserve you,” Eli sniffled, “I truly don’t.”

“I know,” Faith agreed, “but you need to understand that you married a woman who was raised in the Church. It would be silly of me to ask forgiveness from God when I can’t even forgive my husband. Now it’s going to be a long road. We need to go to therapy. It’s going to take some time for us to move past this but if you’re willing to go the distance for me, I’m willing to go the distance for you.”

Eli wiped away a tear. “You mean it?”

Faith held out a pinky. “You wanna swear on it?”

Eli interlocked pinkies with his wife. “I swear on it.” His lips hovered over hers briefly before capturing them. Faith felt the soft waves of desire course through her body as Eli gently parted her lips with his tongue. She forgot how skilled his tongue was, how it created quivering heat within in her belly, crawling all the way up to her neck.

His lips moved down to her neck and Faith naturally parted her thighs for easier access. This was home. He was home. Being with her husband, her partner, the love of her life, her everything. She knew it was going to be a long road ahead of them. A lot of prayer and a lot of therapy. It was going to be a while before she would be able to fully trust him again. They would fight more as they worked on their issues. It was going to be tense as she would try to forgive the past and focus on the future. It was a risk Faith was willing to take. She couldn’t give up on her marriage until she knew for sure there was nothing else left to fight for.

His hands wandered all over body, landing at her breasts. He softly squeezed them through the soft fabric of her dress, eager to taste them once again. Eli’s lips became more demanding, swallowing her lips with a fervent hunger and making her moan louder, crying for a release. Faith felt Eli’s hands travel down the soft curvature of her breasts to what he really wanted, her sex. He lifted up the dress and found her damp panties, soaked with desire and need. He slid a finger inside her panties and Eli almost lost control. She was completely bare and smooth. He forgot how innocent she felt. How tender she was. When he slid a finger inside her heat, she immediately clenched around him. He totally forgot how tight she was.

He circled her clit with a thumb while he continued to assault her neck with his tongue. “Anima mia…” he purred. “….you want me to come home? You want Daddy to come home?”

Faith’s thighs squeezed around Eli’s hand but he forced them back open. She leaned back on the bench, her head and shoulders on the bed, while her ass was barely hanging on. The brief scent of his woodsy cologne, his mouth once again devouring hers with feral kisses and his fingers working their way inside her heat was making her delirious. “Stop…stop talking,” she moaned.


It took me a while to figure out what scene to post because there really aren’t that many sex scenes in the book (seriously, there aren’t. The scenes, however, are pretty long and go on for a few pages.) This scene is actually more raw and explicit…I mean like, if you read To Love and Obey and any book in the S&M serial, it’s like that. It’s not a BDSM scene but it’s on that level of just RAW, like ‘Give it to me, motherfucker!’ raw like that.

I might need a glass of water.


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    • veraroberts says:

      It was important to show that while she may have her faults, her heart is in the right place. When you’re raised by the Word, you don’t stray too far from it.

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