#SexySunday Snippet: Where I Wanna Be (D’Amato Brothers #3)

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Welcome back to another SexySunday snippet. Thank you to everyone who has been so incredibly patient for this book to drop. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Once again, there will be a giveaway where I’ll give out several copies so you’ll have a chance to win it before you can buy it. More details will be posted soon.

Enough babbling…onto the snippet.


With a heavy heart, he finally spoke to her. “We can take breaks. We won’t do anything you don’t want to do. Anytime you want me to stop, I’ll stop.”

Faith wrapped a hand around Eli’s head and pulled him in for a kiss. “Enough talking already.”

Eli laid Faith back down and kissed her. His lips moved to her neck while his hands roamed over her body. She felt better, softer, more exquisite than he had imagined. He snuck his hand underneath her dress and felt the radiating warmth between her thighs. He crawled his fingers up to her panties, already slightly damp with moisture. He massaged her heat, feeling the nub poke out between the folds.

“Ooh…Eli…” Faith’s back arched off the blanket.

He slid a finger inside her panties and began to masturbate her. He inserted one finger inside her tight heat while his thumb massaged her clit. Faith’s sweet nectar instantly coating his fingers and made Eli’s cock rock hard. She slightly rocked her body to meet his fingers, wanting more, while her moans grew louder and louder, encouraging him to not stop.


Eli always considered himself to be a good lover and had the reputation to back it up. But with Faith, she made him seem like he was on top of the world. He watched her reaction as he continued to play with her pussy, delighted and turned on at her response. The way her back would arch up from the blanket. The way her lips would purse together as curse words spewed out of her mouth. Eli had to admit being with Faith did cause him to have an ego: he was turning out the innocent preacher’s daughter.

He sat up a little and removed his shirt and jeans, along with his underwear. Faith glanced up and saw what her boyfriend had to offer. It was big, bigger than she had thought it would be. He wasn’t hung like a horse but she was pretty sure he was above average size, whatever average was. Anticipation and worry crept into her mind. What if it really hurt? Was she doing the right thing? What about the lecture she heard her parents giving her about waiting until marriage? What if people at church found about her rendezvous in the meadows? Would anyone be able to tell by the way she walked?

She closed her eyes to relieve herself out of the assaulting thoughts. She had thought about this moment long and hard and she was going to do it with the man she loved and wanted to be with forever. If she had a slight doubt in her mind that Eli wasn’t the one, she definitely wouldn’t be in the current position she was in.

Her eyes flew open when she felt a tug on her dress, signaling to take it off. She sat up and let Eli removed the dress over her head. He reached around her back and removed her bra, slowly pulling the straps down her shoulders. “Let me know when you want me to see them,” he whispered.

“I’m ready,” she nodded as he discarded the bra. Staring back at Eli were two of the perfect breasts he had ever seen in his life. They reminded him of soft, dark chocolate tear drops. Her nipples instantly hardened upon the cool air caressing them and Eli’s mouth was anxious for a taste. He caressed them both, reveling in the softness of her breasts and in awe of her beauty. He then alternated between the breasts, kissing and caressing one, then the other.

Faith felt delirious. So many emotions coursed through her body. She wanted more. She needed it all. The sounds coming out of her mouth was something she had never heard of before. Feral. Animalistic. Pleasure. Hunger.

“Fuck, Eli…” she moaned.

It seemed every moan Faith made, the hotter she became to him. He had to keep reminding himself she was a virgin and everything was new to her. She didn’t have to fake anything. She didn’t have to satisfy his ego. She wasn’t a hoodrat from around the way. She wasn’t a chickenhead he messed with on the weekends. Faith was his girlfriend and potentially the future mother of his children. His future wife. He would treat her differently than the others.

Eli laid Faith back down and began to kiss down her body, reaching her navel and then to her sex. He nudged her legs open and stared at what was waiting for him. Tender. Virginal. His.


And that’s pretty much the moment Eli “owned” it.  The song playing in the background for this scene was “Any Time, Any Place” by Janet Jackson. Writing a deflowering love scene was a little difficult. So many people write first-time sex scenes like they’re straight out of porn and I really didn’t want to insult all of you (especially my female readers because let’s face it, when you lose your virginity  it’s not the most pleasant experience).

I did want to show in this flashback scene that Eli knew the moment Faith gifted her virginity to him, she was his and that was that. Pretty much any sex between Eli and Faith after this scene, you can tell he clearly “owns” it each and every time.

Oh and I hope to *finally* debut the cover this week. I keep changing my mind on what direction to go with the cover, that’s why it hasn’t been released yet. But I think now I have an idea. Stay tuned!

Come back next Sunday for another snippet! xoxoxo


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    • veraroberts says:

      Right now, it’s in the hands of my editor so it might be. It’s also quite long. It’s twice as long as the first two D’Amato Brothers books so that also plays a part in the delay.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Well with that being said, now I’m really curious how these two became so distant from each other. I can’t wait to read this. 🙂

    • veraroberts says:

      It really was a combination of things. I don’t want to give too much away, but they got together young, got married young, and it might have been too much, too soon.

  2. Annigrey says:

    Loved the snippet! This just makes me salivate for the story even more. Now I see why Eli has such an ego where Faith is concerned; he definitely owned that from the beginning. Itching to read this so bad… Great work!

    • veraroberts says:

      Thank you, dahling! Eli always had an ego about him. Well, let me correct that: he had an ego after Simone and before Faith. A part of it is just that D’Amato Brother charm.

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