*NEW* S&M IV Snippet

Normally, I don’t post snippets for projects I’m not working on but this is a special circumstance. I had two readers, Lucie and Natalie, really encourage me and asked some very thought-provoking questions about the S&M serial lately, causing me to get some fire and passion back into the series. All week, my head was spinning with ideas on where to proceed and storylines as a result of those conversations.

So to Lucie and Natalie, I sincerely thank you! Even when I was sick and not feeling too hot, you made me feel like I could tackle anything. I’m telling everyone – I have, hands-down, the best readers in the world!

Enough babbling…onto the snippet…


Ask me to kneel. Ask me if I’ve been a good girl. Ask me if I followed the tasks today. Tell me to clean your house wearing my bra and panties. Master, tell me to do something, please!

Mariana clearly understood why a lot of people never stayed friends with their exes, no matter how good of terms they ended the relationship. It was just too difficult. Scott wasn’t just her friend; he was her Master and she felt an incredible pull to still submit and serve to Him. She also knew if Scott wanted her to still submit to Him, she would’ve done it without any questions asked.

Instead, Scott didn’t ask her to submit. He didn’t ask her to do anything. He was merely company for her while B. was out traveling, promoting his new mixtape. Mariana made it clear to Scott that what transpired the other night couldn’t happen again and he agreed, promising to be on his best behavior.

They went out to dinner once a week and at the end of the night, he escorted her to her apartment and smiled goodnight to her. What the hell was that? He smiled goodnight at her? The other night, Scott gave her a high-five at the end of the night and Mariana was very close to removing her expensive Louboutins and beating his ass into kissing her.

Mariana then felt real stupid. She wanted Scott to take advantage of her, rip her clothes off, and give it to her so hard, her head would spin. She wanted to practice her deep throat techniques on him while he pulled her hair and pistoned in and out of her hot mouth. She wanted to be spread eagle on the bed as he held both of her legs toward the ceiling, taunting her with ‘Whose is it?’ and ‘Is it mine?’

Was she still in love with Scott? She couldn’t honestly say. Her sex missed him. Her heart definitely missed him. But her mind was the reality check and she couldn’t put herself through that again, despite how much she wanted to get on her knees and give him the Mariana-Love-You-Long-Time special.


I’ll do sporadic snippets of IV. They’ll increase in frequency when it gets closer to the release date, which I still haven’t finalized due to recent health issues.


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  1. Megan says:

    Okay, the beat his a** w/ her Louboutin gave me my laugh for the day. Looking forward to more snippets. I hope you are feeling better real soon:-) Take Care

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