#TemptingTuesday Snippet: Where I Wanna Be (D’Amato Brothers #3)

Today is special post on the blog. Normally I would do the sexy posts on Sundays but due to Easter, I postponed it to today. Speaking of postponing…

Yes, I have to postpone the release of Where I Wanna Be yet again. I was sick mostly of the last two weeks so I wasn’t able to write as I recovered. The story will be released this month, for sure, it’s just a matter of when. Once I have a set release date, I will announce it here and on the Facebook page.

Enough babbling…on to the snippet:


“Darren, please…” Faith begged between kisses as she felt him throb against her. “…I can’t wait anymore.”

“Me neither.” He slightly lifted her body up and slid inside her tight heat. Fuck! It was the hottest pleasure, squeezing the life out of his cock. Faith didn’t ease into the lovemaking, setting a rolling motion on his cock as Darren watched her. He saw how beautiful she looked when her mouth would gasp in pleasure, ecstasy written across her face, and her body meeting again and again with his.

Darren usually found himself guiding the woman when she was top, almost telling her what she should be doing and how to do it. But Faith was a pro at riding his cock, creating her own tempo that he wouldn’t be able to comprehend what it was or compare it to anything. He knew the passionate lovemaking was part want and part wanton need, though he didn’t know how much of either was majority.

Their lips met each other’s again through hushed moans and cries. They rolled over and switched positions and Darren was on top of Faith. He wrapped her thick thighs around his waist and quickly moved inside her, feeling the delicious and addicting heat her sex gave with every movement. As he pushed into her, Darren couldn’t help but to notice how beautiful Faith was and how he wanted to be with her. The way her lips would slightly part as she moaned. The way her back would arch off the bed with every thrust. The way her hands clasped against his hot skin as she held on for dear life as he pounded into her.

Damn her joke of a husband. Damn her failed marriage. Faith was going to belong to Darren by the end of the night.


It may or may not be a coincidence as I wrote that scene, I was listening to TLC’s “Creep.”

Sexy Sundays will resume this upcoming Sunday. 🙂 I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! xoxoxoxo – V.

5 thoughts on “#TemptingTuesday Snippet: Where I Wanna Be (D’Amato Brothers #3)

  1. ms missy says:

    well i was hoping that you would turn their to this that cheating would be invovled yea he flirt and she flirt but it’s not looking that havind second thought about buying the book now

  2. Anni Johnson says:

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…Money bet though that when it”s all said and done, Faith will know for sure where SHE wants to be… Excellent snippet!

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