#SexySunday Snippet: Where I Wanna Be (D’Amato Brothers #3)

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Welcome back to another Sexy Sunday snippet. I’m going to make this short and sweet so here’s the snippet:

“Look at me, baby girl…look at me…” Eli instructed to Faith as he pumped in and out of her. “Your eyes on mine.”

Faith re-focused her attention on her husband as she tightly gripped the straps of the sex swing. Her feet were in stirrups and her thighs were spread wide, with Eli standing in between them. He held on to her back as he continued to pound inside her.

Eli was wearing her out.

It had been a non-stop sex marathon since he arrived home from the wedding. Faith figured out the pizza they had for dinner was merely fuel for Eli’s sexcapades. He seemed a little too eager to put Nathan to bed. He looked anxious from the time he arrived home. But the moment their bedroom door was closed, it was on.

Eli didn’t just want to have sex in the bed, though. He went into their walk-in closet and dug out the sex swing, something they bought a while back and never had the chance to use it. He constructed it in seemingly record timing and wasted no time getting Faith into the contraption. Doggystyle was the first position followed by reverse cowgirl. Now they were doing a variation of missionary and Faith was sure she wasn’t able to feel her legs.

“Eli…” Faith panted as he continued to slide in and out of her. She tightened more around him, signaling an orgasm was approaching soon. “…I’m about to cum, baby.”

“I want you to,” Eli taunted, “I want to feel you all over my cock, baby girl.”

Within moments, Faith exploded and Eli quickly covered her mouth with his, muffling her moans. Her body shuddered against his and she soon fell limp. Eli continued until he reached his orgasm shortly afterward.

Faith collapsed on her husband’s body and felt him breathing hard against her. The sex between them had always been on point but that night in particular it felt like Eli took it up a notch. “You’re going to get me pregnant, baby.” She laughed.

“Hey, you make it sound like it’s a bad thing,” Eli chuckled. “I wouldn’t mind another D’Amato running around here. Would you?”


I debated back and forth which D’Amato brother would have a sex swing (besides Nick) and it was a toss-up between Joey and Eli. Even though I do see Joey being a freak and having one as well.

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  1. melle says:

    oh no did he see Simone and come home and have sex with Faith cuz he couldn’t with Simone. This book needs to hurry up!

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