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V-Spotlight Interview: Introducing the iGino



This ain’t your mama’s sex toy.

Recently, the makers of the iGino contacted me regarding spotlighting their product. I was curious about the iGino since it was nothing I had ever seen before. This product has the potential of being revolutionary in personal massagers and a real game-changer.

I recently had an interview with the iGino Team and they were gracious enough to give details about how the iGino came to be,  the vibration intensity, and if would I be stopped by the TSA when traveling with it.

What made you decide to go into the personal massager or, should I say, sex toy, industry?

The idea to creating iGino® one came to me because I was really not satisfied by the existing personal massager on the market. All the products have in common the vibration but nobody reproduces the movement of mother nature that women use for clitoral stimulation. So I felt the need to develop a product with this feature, our patented technology “Vibramoove”, which combines movement and vibration for an increased level of pleasure.

iGino is so unique. It really reminds me of an iPod or iPhone. How did you come up the idea for this particular design?

I like technology and surely the Apple products have been a source of inspiration but i was interested to create a product more discreet as possible and with a slim thickness to facilitate its use in couples.


Speaking of the design, it looks a little daunting at first.  Are the edges soft for a woman? 

iGino® one has been studied for an external use and when you take off the hygienic protective cover, the part that comes in contact with the body and the “Skintouch head” are smooth and rounded. Our sleeve is made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), a material used in various medical products, which makes it also suitable for sensitive people.

From a soft buzz being the lowest to WOWZA! being the highest, what are the speed settings on this?

The “Vibramoove” allows to vary the intensity of the stimulation simply by changing the inclination of the contact surface. Goodbye old speed settings!

Can couples use the iGino?  

Of course! I recommend it for couples who are looking for new sensations.

How does one clean it? Is there a specific product you would recommend, like soap and water, alcohol, etc.?

iGino® one has a cover to keep it hygienically protected from dust and dirt. I can advise to clean it with wet wipes for personal hygiene, without alcohol.


How does one take care of the iGino?

There aren’t specific rules. iGino®one is one product for personal pleasure and i think we take care of our physical health, the same should be for your iGino® one.

Would I be able to travel with this?

Absolutely, you must travel with iGino® one! Its box contains a complete travel kit: Velvet pouch, SkinTouch head USB charger, USB charging cable and EU to US plug adapter.

What sets the iGino apart from other personal massagers out there?

It is discreet, you can take it everywhere without any embarrassment and our patented technology, an absolute novelty in the field of Adult toys.

Is there anything else you can share with the audience about the iGino?

iGino® one is a product with a high asset. You can only experience its performance to understand the pleasure that can give you.


Thank you to the iGino Team for their interview! In exchange for their spotlight, I will be receiving an iGino. Once I do receive it, I will post my honest review here on the blog.

For more information on the iGino, please visit their campaign page and support them!



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