#SexySunday Snippet: Where I Wanna Be (D’Amato Brothers #3)

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Welcome back to another Sexy Sunday snippet! The third book in the D’Amato Brothers focuses on the married couple, Eli and Faith, and the trials and tribulations of their marriage. Unlike To Love and Obey (D’Amato Brothers #2), Where I Wanna Be will be a sensual/erotic romance.  Here is a sexy sneak peek of the couple!


Faith rolled her eyes as she stepped away from the stove and turned it off.  “Are you gonna eat or not?”  She asked, suddenly realizing that her husband was probably starving. But he didn’t want pasta. His eyes were boring into her, and it was clear that he wanted something that she hadn’t cooked that night.  “That’s not what I meant,” she warned him playfully.

Moving toward the dining room table, Eli held out a hand.  “Come here.”

Faith shook her head. “Dinner.”

“You really wanna eat some spaghetti when I’m waiting to eat your pussy?” He boldly asked her, causing a gasp from her. “It’ll be fine, baby girl.” He held out a hand again.

Faith hesitated. She wanted to feel the soft roughness of her husband’s tongue on her but she also wanted to wait. She just started dinner, for heaven’s sake. “Eli…”

“Baby girl…” He purred. He only called her that name to get her going and he knew it, too. Her stubbornness slowly dissipated as her stance dropped. Dinner would be ready for them both later. For the time being, his wife had something that would give him more sustainable pleasure than high-caloric marinara sauce and pasta.

Eli led Faith to the dining room and grabbed her waist again, pulling down the yoga pants and G-string panties she was wearing.  He hoisted her onto the dining room table and put his hands on her knees, spreading her legs. A slow smile grew on Eli’s face as he pulled up a chair and sat down.

His wife had a gorgeous body. Perky, chocolate teardrop breasts. A taut stomach. Long and thick legs. An ass that bounced with every movement she made. Her eyes were dangerous, often cutting Eli to his core and Faith didn’t have to say a word. Her lips were hypnotizing, pleasuring him in so many ways.

But what Eli loved more than anything – his favorite body part on his wife – was her sex. It was hot, wet, and unbelievably tight, clenching on his fingers. Since they had been together, it was just for him and only him with Faith gifting her virginity to him during their teen years. It was a thought tattooed on his brain and he never forgot it, even telling Faith recently as he masturbated her in the parking lot of a high-end restaurant, “I own this.”


You know…I think I love Eli.

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  1. Anni Johnson says:

    Well, well… Eli and his smooth moves…Loved it! Why can’t it be March already??? Very tasty snippet indeed :D.

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