February Giveaway Contest!



A few weeks ago, I mentioned about a contest I was doing (click February Giveaway for a refresher). Well, here are the details now!


There are going to be three categories: main dish, side/appetizer dish, and dessert. You can only enter in one of those categories. Send me your best recipe along with a picture (that’s important!).

Now here’s where it gets interesting: your fellow readers will judge on who has the best main course, who has the best side/appetizer dish, and who has the best dessert. The reason for that? The readers are going to use your recipe to re-create the dishes and will vote on a poll on who had the best one.

The winner of each category will get a $20 Amazon gift card. That’s a lot of e-books! 

The contest is open to everyone. Your deadline to submit your entries is February 10th. Good luck!