V-Spotlight Interview: Tallulah Rose!

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Welcome back to another V-Spotlight interview, featuring the wonderfully talented Tallulah Rose! She was gracious enough to stop by briefly to share her profound background that fuels her writing, writing tips, who she sees playing in a film adaptation of her book, and share a snippet of Just a Girl.

just a girl


Do your personal experiences affect your writing?

My writing is based solely on my growing up as an abused girl and turning to prostitution as a result.

Why did you decide to share your story now?

Apart from the onset of winter Vera and quiet days ahead with not much to do, an old client, turned friend suggested it to me. He thought that my experiences as a young girl and how my life evolved would make interesting reading. I also think he was secretly excited at the prospect of reading about himself, which he will be able to before very long.

When you look back and pull something from your experiences for a story, does it make you uncomfortable, do you fondly remember, or is it a combination?

It’s a combination mostly.  Once I was established and working in protected environments I was able to relax more and do have fond memories. In the early days there were some pretty ugly experiences and I try not to dwell on them, just see them as fuel for my writing, and in all honesty I do think of it more as research now.

What do you hope that people will understand about you through your work?

You know Vera, when I first started this journey I thought that people would likely snub me in social media places and think that I was a lesser person because of the life I lived. But I have been welcomed and hugged and had not one derogatory comment.  This really heartens me because you know, prostitutes are people, they hurt and bleed in the same way that everyone does. When I started on that road I felt I had no choice, maybe I did, but I was young and it was all about survival and I quite openly admit, that once I was older and established, I did enjoy the life and the rewards it offered.

At the end of the day you have to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you can judge them – Never a truer word spoken.

You have stated loud and clear that you are not ashamed of your past.  Is there anything you wish you could do over?

 As an adult now I do truly wish that I had been able to tell someone, when I was fourteen years old, what was happening.  The fear, confusion and self loathing that abuse causes can never be wiped away. James Harcourt destroyed my soul, in all honesty, and although I have functioned and lived a life I enjoyed I will most likely never marry or be in a long term relationship, and I will certainly not have children of my own.

Was there an experience you thought you would hate but ended up enjoying?

One of the things I was not at all happy about occurred after I had been taken in by Cora and is the subject of my next book. My client Clive, wanted to go to a Swinging Club and I knew little about such places and envisioned gang rape and more abuse. I was more than surprised to find a very comfortable group of people who just wanted to enjoy one another in a relaxed and safe environment.  It was very adventurous and a lot of fun.

What is your favorite story? By you? By someone else?

I have a lot of stories still to tell and it would be hard to pick a favourite.  As far as other authors go – my all time favourite is Sydney Sheldon.

What is the hardest part about writing your books?

 I suspect that I am not alone in finding time the hardest part of getting my words down.  I live in Turkey and farm several acres of olive trees, keep chickens and a menagerie of cats and dogs.

What advice can you give aspiring authors?

 Firstly I would say that there is no such thing as an aspiring author – If you write then you are a writer whether you are published or not.  Secondly – Just write, don’t think about it too much.  Just let it flow and free write.

Who would you cast in a film/TV adaptation of your book?

 Now that’s a very interesting question.  Not somebody famous.  I would like to scour drama schools for an unknown.  (In my dreams)

Excerpt from JUST A GIRL

On that first morning when I woke with a gnawing, cramping pain in my stomach I had no idea what was happening to me or what it would mean.

 Angela Harcourt has not a maternal bone in her body.  I think they only adopted me to show that they were a charitable family or just maybe a little girl in the fold was a well conceived plan to fulfil the desires of him, and take the pressure off of her, eventually.

 Despite the lack of care, Angela took me to the bathroom and told me I was a woman now and that my life would never be the same.  She handed me enormous sanitary towels and left me to get on with it.


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