S&M IV Snippet and News (also Hot Like Fire!)

As I mentioned on the Facebook page and the goodreads group, I am working on S&M IV (except today…I have a bad case of writer’s block). Again, I don’t know when it’ll be released. I’m aiming for spring/summer this year.

Writing Scott and Mariana as exes has been quite fun. You actually get to see how they act and deal with each other  and actually date. Keep in mind, Scott and Mariana never really ‘dated’ so to speak.  Sure, Scott did some really nice things for her but now you get to see him court her.

What to expect in the final book? Drama. Lots of drama. Lots of sex, too, but a lot more story.

  • There will be an extensive background on Sanora to explain her role and all the characters connected to her. Sanora, as we all know her, wasn’t always like that. The reader will finally get to meet Sanora’s significant other, who is also one of her submissives. 
  • Mariana will have a Coming of Age moment where she’ll realize how badly she wants to be with Scott. B. is her age and he has no hang-ups. But there’s something about Scott Reed…
  • Scott will realize he will have to make some changes in his life to get Mariana back. The question remains: is he willing to give up everything to keep her?
  • Caprina (Ricci) will finally get the much-needed and well-deserved revenge coming to her. Hell hath no fury…
  • Sarah’s world comes crashing down and she’ll have to answer some questions, particularly to Eric.

Oh yeah, there will be a threesome (FMF) and a gang-bang in the book. Maybe some more race play and nipple torture.  Mariana might get her breasts slapped…still not sure about that one.

I don’t know how big the book(s) will be. I have to keep in mind a couple of things: length and price. I know a few of you have mentioned you would pay whatever but I have to be mindful of your book budget and the economy. No, it won’t be free nor will be less than $3.99. If it’s as large as Vol.II (100K words), it will be priced relative to that word count.

I also don’t know if there will be a contest. Everyone who participated last time for a copy of Vol. II got a free copy, regardless if they had the right answers because the participation was so small. So I’ll have to think about it.

Again, if you read and reviewed Vol. II, you will automatically receive a free copy of the sweet and clean romance, Hot Like Fire. Please e-mail me at eroticamistress@gmail.com.

That’s pretty much it. I’m going to leave you with an unedited snippet I have previously posted in the goodreads group that ties in with the final scene in Vol. II and Part IV excerpt that was posted on Facebook recently.  Once again, an extended S&M IV snippet will be included with To Love and Obey, which will be out soon.

Stay beautiful, stay blessed.


“Alright, so you need to sign here and here and here and here. Then you’ll all be done!” Jacob beamed. “You’ll officially be a part-owner of EMK.”

“Great,” Scott signed the dotted lines. He should’ve been happy, closing another business deal and adding to his enormous wealth. But he wasn’t. He was thinking about Mariana. What she was up to? Where she was? How come she hadn’t called?

He tried calling her but her phone number had been disconnected. The realization stung Scott. Mariana hated him so much she changed her phone number. If he wanted to find out where she lived, he could simply ask Sanora and She would provide the information. But Scott didn’t want to do that. It was bad enough he spied on Mariana the way he did.

He briefly looked up at the security cameras and scanned the footage. He felt his jaw tightened and his fists curling up into tight balls. The crowd was having a good time. They were smiling, laughing, drinking, and mingling with people. He was alone, miserable, and nursing his Glenlivet. Why in the hell was the crowd so happy for? They should all be as miserable as he was feeling.

“Big crowd tonight,” Scott quietly mentioned.

“Yeah,” Jacob looked up at the screens, “we’re testing a new DJ and he seems to be good. A lot more people are dancing.”

Scott looked over at the camera with the DJ booth. The DJ was B. He recognized him. B. was turned around briefly and talked to someone. When he turned back around again, his guest appeared.

It was Mariana.

Scott felt the earth stopped moving. He steadied his breath; he wasn’t sure if his heart was still beating. His eyes froze on her. He followed her every move. She was dancing with a drink in her hand. She was either drunk or she would be very soon. She kissed B. and Scott felt like knocking the man out. He was kissing his woman.

Mariana soon left the DJ booth and Scott watched her on the cameras to see where she went. She went to the nearest bathroom. He was going to talk to her there. “I need someone to put up a partition on the first level bathroom around the corner from the bar,” Scott instructed into the microphone. “I need someone to block that off.”

“You got it, Chief,” A security detail replied back.

Scott watched the security guard walk over to the bathroom and placed a blockade in front of it. Scott then made his move. He was going to simply talk to Mariana and explain to her what was going on. Hopefully she’ll be coherent enough to understand. He had to make her understand.


Mariana reached for a towel and dried her hands. When she looked up at the mirror again, Mariana startled by a pair of green eyes looking at her from behind. He was business casual with an open collared shirt and slacks. His hair was slicked back and his presence was commanding. Was it really him? Or was it the liquor?

Mariana turned around and stood face to face with her ex. Her breathing was labored and every emotion she had ever felt for the man came flooding back to her. “Scott…” she whispered.

Scott pulled Mariana into a stall and closed the door behind them. He stared into her brown orbs and saw the want, desire, and confusion within them. Her mouth opened slightly, but no sound was coming out. She didn’t know what was going on, but she somehow trusted him.

His mouth assaulted her neck and Mariana moaned at the touch. She forgot how experienced his tongue was and how wet he made her. A free hand pulled down her tank top, exposing her hard nipples while the other tore her panties off. He softly squeezed her breast before he dipped his head down to gently suck on it. He remembered how they tasted, how they felt in his hands. How her whole body was formed and created just for his.

His mouth sucked other nipple while his fingers found her wet slit and she was already hot. He hoisted her against the door and wrapped her legs around his waist. Mariana didn’t say a word but Scott could tell she missed him as much as he missed her. Their lips hungrily found each other, and their tongues waltzed amidst an explosion of love, desire, and ecstasy.

Scott sheathed himself inside her and Mariana cried out in pleasure. “Bite my shoulder, baby,” He instructed and Mariana nodded in acceptance.

She was tighter than Scott remembered and her tunnel gripped him with every stroke. He spoke as he fucked her. “I miss you, baby. I miss you so much. But we can’t see each other until I figure things out. But I wanted to make sure you knew how much you meant to me and I’m going to get you back.” He moved faster inside her, banging Mariana against the door. “Nod if you want us back, baby.”

Mariana violently nodded as she bit harder to muffle her moans. Her body melted into His as He held onto her body tight. She was about to cum and her pussy clenched tighter around Scott’s cock as she tried to prolong the feeling. She wanted to make love to him forever.

“Say my name,” Scott moaned.

“Scott…” Mariana softly moaned.

“No, the other one,” He instructed.

“Sir…” Mariana dug her fingers into Scott’s back when she finally came, her body spasmed. Mariana opened her eyes and swore she saw stars. She was drunk, her mind was confused, her heart was torn, and she still had no idea what just happened.

Scott continued to thrust inside her. He wanted to make love to her—properly, slowly, and lovingly—but an insatiable and carnal urge took over.  He drove into her over and over, filling her completely as she tightly wrapped around his cock.

The passion and love he had for Mariana came out as he spilled himself into her, the intensity hitting him like a Mack truck, her walls milking him. “Oh God, baby. Yes, baby.” He moaned in her ear again and again as he shuddered against her. “I miss you so much, baby. I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too, honey,” she whispered.

Scott pulled out and fixed his clothing and helped Mariana fix hers. He lifted her chin to his gaze and read her eyes. Gone was the confusion; replaced was trust and love. “I’m going to fight to get us back. I just need time.” He kissed one last time, gently sucking on her lips and tongue before he left the stall and out of the bathroom.


“You okay, man?” Jeff asked his best friend. “You don’t look too hot.”

Scott was in a trance state. He didn’t know how long Jeff had been talking to him but he was suddenly jolted back into the present with his question. While Jeff and Jacob talked business, Scott was fixated on something else. He could still hear Mariana’s muffled moans in his ear. His back hurt a little from when she dug her nails into it. And the way she tightly wrapped around his cock… “Yeah, I’m fine,” Scott replied. “Just thinking, that’s all.”

“You should be celebrating!” Jeff smiled. “We’re now official partners of EMK.”

“Yay.” Scott watched the video monitors and saw that Mariana rejoined B. at the DJ booth. She looked a little uncomfortable and he could tell she was trying very hard to act like nothing happened. He zoomed in on the screen and studied her face. She was looking around the club, wondering where he was and if what just took place in the bathroom was merely a drunken illusion. “That’s great news.”

Jeff walked over to where Scott was sitting and sat across from him. He studied the monitors, wondering what was capturing his best friend’s attention. Within moments, he had his answer. “Well, this just got interesting.”

Scott was suffocating in his own stupidity. He wanted to talk to Mariana and once again, his emotions got the best of him.  “It’s a non-issue,” he replied, his eyes not leaving the screen Mariana was.

“Yeah, I’m going have to call bullshit on that one.” Jeff stated.

Scott turned to Jeff and saw a twinkle in his eyes and smirk forming on his lips. He contemplated how much he wanted to reveal to his best friend. The problem was Jeff already knew what happened before Scott said a word. “I only talked to her.”

“Once again, I’m going have to call bullshit.” Jeff chuckled.

“I rather not get into it,” Scott took a sip of his drink, “I just have to play my part and see what happens.”

Jeff watched the screen as Mariana whispered something in B.’s ear before he turned around and kissed her. He quickly glanced over to Scott. He knew his friend well enough to know whatever emotionless reaction he had on his face was merely covering the raging inferno building inside his soul. “Whatever part that is, I hope it’s not an ax murderer.”



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