Coming Attractions!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had a great one. A very good friend of mine blessed us with Clippers tickets. I finally got to see Blake Griffin ball in person. So awesome! I think I’m going to name my next son after him. Maybe.

Anyhoo, I’m suffering from a little of writer’s block. Kinda sucks. It’s like I want to write something and whenever I sit down, it’s like *crickets chirping*. At least my house is clean and I’ve been getting my exercise in. I only walked ten miles last week. Boo! I need to step up my game and walk some more. I might add in some yoga while I’m at it.

So beside talking about my writer’s block and my obsession with exercise, this post is to let all of you know about the coming attractions from me. This year, I’m determined to do more novels and less novellas. That’s the plan and we all know how I change my mind often.

Here are the upcoming books out this year (in no particular order):

To Love and Obey (D’Amato Brothers #2)

Where I Wanna Be (D’Amato Brothers #3)

Blow by Blow: Diary of a Call Girl

Everyone Has a Price

Daddy’s Angel

Scott & Mariana IV

Below the Belt

Ideally, I would have a book out every 6-8 weeks. Ideally. Realistically, it’ll be every 10 weeks. Which is not too bad. So let’s do the math here…seven books and there’s 11 months left in the year. I think that’s totally doable.

Some of you may recognize three titles and that’s because they were fanfiction stories I pulled off from (I did the same with Til Tomorrow.) Some of you have read an excerpt of Blow by Blow already (it’s out on Barnes & Noble and Smashwords). I did that intentionally because of the subject matter. Some people may not like to read about a mixed-race heroine who’s also a prostitute. I wanted to test the waters to see how well the story would do as an excerpt before I released it in its entirety.

A few may wonder why there’s only three D’Amato Brothers books instead of five. Well, I’m still trying to see if there will be a story for a fourth book or even a fifth one. The third book centers on the married couple – Eli and Faith. Well, they’re married for the time being. More on that in another post.

Finally, I’m going to do more contests and giveaways. I’m working on a few things in the mix. There will be more print versions of the books – S&M III and The Nanny are being worked on. And that’s really it.

Again, thank all you for your incredible support. Stay beautiful and stay blessed.



2 thoughts on “Coming Attractions!

  1. Echokid14 says:

    Sorry about your writer’s block Vera, I hope that it subsides quickly. Seven books in one year will be an impressive work load, I’m still trying to crank out one. I wish you all the luck and can’t wait for Blow by Blow.

    • veraroberts says:

      Thank you, sweetie! I’ve always been pretty ambitious so let’s see how this pans out. I think I have good odds, though. :)


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