#SixSentenceSunday: To Love and Obey

Hello dahlings,

Welcome back to another SexySix. As you may know by now, even though the rules say it’s a six sentence Sunday, I tend not to go by that. Since when did I ever follow rules?

To Love and Obey is in the hands of my trusted editor so I should receive it sometime within the next week or so. It’s quite humbling to work on a piece, send it off to the editor, and she returns it with red mark galore. But, it’s needed and I thank her for it. So to Sarah the Editor (as I like to call her), I thank you.

I also like to take this time out to thank my beta readers for their feedback: Tamara, Stacey, and Natalie. It was the first time I had ‘fan’ beta readers and it was a great decision! I appreciate you ladies for all of your input.

Alright, enough babbling…onto the excerpt:

Nick sat down in front of the couch on the floor with his legs straight out. He looked up at Zerrin and saw how willfully obedient she was. It made Him proud to see how far she had come in the short time they were together. “Slowly, lower yourself onto Me. I’ll guide you.” He directed.

With her Master’s hands on her legs, Zerrin slowly lowered herself onto Him. He kept scooting her up towards His face, His hands holding her steady. She moved herself up until her sex was on His mouth.

She felt the heat of her Master’s mouth and squirmed a little in anticipation. “Shhh…” He whispered, seemingly reading her thoughts. “I got you.”

He darted His tongue a few times, lightly playing with her swollen nub and getting a taste. He soon became serious and licked her, twirling His tongue around on her clit with long strokes. He then began to lick faster, her clit throbbing against His skilled tongue as He held her steady.

Zerrin softly cried as her Master pleasured her. Her body began to shake and her thighs tightened, trying to prolong the impending orgasm. She panted heavily, riding His tongue, making coos and cries as she held out as long as she could. “Master, may I cum?” She begged.


Come back next Sunday for another (maybe final) Sexy Sunday excerpt of To Love and Obey.


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