#SixSentenceSunday: To Love and Obey

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to another Six Sentence Sunday featuring the upcoming release, To Love and Obey. The release date is tentative on January 28th but it might be delayed a week. I’ll let you all know.

Anyhoo, enough babbling on to the snippet:

A few minutes into kneeling, Zerrin heard her Master doing something. Drawers were open and shut. Things were placed on the desk and around the floor. The classical music was turned up just a bit, almost too loud for a normal conversation.

“Bend over,” He ordered and Zerrin complied. Nick kneeled behind her and smoothed His hands over her ass. It was slightly oiled; He recognized the fragrance, jasmine. He never told Zerrin He liked the fragrance but she somehow figured it out. With a swift movement, He crushed His hand against her ass.

Smack! Zerrin gasped, though no sound was coming out. The pain moved through her body, alternating between hurt and pleasure, touching all of Zerrin’s senses. She realized how dry her lips were at that moment and quickly wet them with her tongue. She felt her pussy softly contract in anticipation for another slap.


I wouldn’t mind getting spanked by Nick.

Come back next Sunday for another Six Sunday Snippet! xoxoxo


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    • veraroberts says:

      It might be delayed, depending on what my editor’s timeframe is. But again, it would only be by a week. But I’ll keep releasing snippets until then! 🙂

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