#SixSentenceSunday: The Nanny

Hello Everyone,

I’m starting up the Six Sentence Sundays again with posts re The Nanny. The Nanny is a sensual/erotic romance novel (yes, NOVEL) I’ve been working on for most of the year. It got sidetracked by that one series called S&M.

The Nanny is about a wealthy financial guru, Tiana Morris, who hires a male nanny, Kieran D’Amato, to take care of her infant son, Tyson. It’s a love story about keeping up appearances, socio-economic differences, and standing up for what you believe in.

Again, this story has more romance than sex so if you’re used to my hardcore erotic stories, you may or may not like this. For those who have read the sneak peek of The Nanny already, this snippet isn’t new to you. To those new to The Nanny, here is a sample for you to try:

“I never really talked dirty before.”

“You just need to practice and let it roll off your tongue,” Kieran approached her and snaked an arm around her waist. His lips lightly nibbled her ear while a free hand caressed her neck. “I can’t wait to taste your pussy again. I love how tight you felt around my cock and you got so wet for me. I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’re going to have bragging rights.”

Tiana’s tongue darted out to quickly moisten her lips. Kieran didn’t just whet her appetite; he created a heat between her thighs that slowly spread throughout her body. She felt her pussy contract in anticipation. She swallowed a few times and let out a breath. “Um, that’s nice…”

3 thoughts on “#SixSentenceSunday: The Nanny

  1. Chantale Reve says:

    THE NANNY, hunh? You go, gurrrl!

    I’m getting some moulah together to buy a handful of e-books, and several of yours are on that short list. I just need to get the last part of my novella keyed in (it’s finished) on my blog, and then a-shopping I will go.

    Take care and keep up the excellent writing — and story ideas. No hatas here!

    Oh, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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