Author Interview: Tami Vinson

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It’s been about a minute since I’ve blogged but I’ve been super, super busy. One of the things I’ve been busy with is setting up guest blogs for fellow erotica/erotic romance authors to give them a chance to shine.

Today’s post features the wonderfully talented Tami Vinson as she shares what gets her going while she writes a scene, who her favorite character is, and gives us a snippet from her newest title, Protective Heat.

VR: You have written books with many and memorable characters. Which one is your favorite?

TV: Quinn from Protective Heat is one of my favorite because in spite of his past he was still able to love Vivaca enough to overcome his own misgivings and let love take its natural course.

VR: Do your personal experiences affect your writing?

TV: Well…yes and no. I may take certain liberties shall we say in different storylines by expanding my personal experiences.

VR:  What is a favorite story you have written?

TV: My next book in the heat series is near and dear to my heart because it pits brother against brother when they fall for the same woman.  Love the layers in that book!

VR: Who and what do you read? 

TV:  Christine Feehan, JR Ward, and Sherrilyn Kenyon! The queens of paranormal romance.

VR: What is the hardest part about writing your books? 

TV: Oh my goodness, time! I have to beg, borrow, and steal time away from my home life and a thriving hair salon. (I’m crazy chick you see furiously writing for hours at Starbucks and Barnes and Noble, lol)

VR: You’re about to write a steamy love scene. How do you create mood/atmosphere at home or where you write?

TV: I always make a play list for every book I write so when I get to those hot sexy scenes, I just close my eyes and write purely from my emotions…

VR: Speaking of the steamy love scenes, where do you get inspiration for those? 

TV: Ha!!! Ok, gotta stop chuckling and blushing…(Let’s just say the I spend countless hours—researching,lol )

VR: Which love scene is your favorite? By you? By someone else?

TV: I’m emotionally invested in my characters’ happiness, so I love it when they finally get hot and heavy, but when I read the aforementioned authors, it’s just fun and sexy!

VR: What advice can you give aspiring authors?

TV: Believe in yourself and invest in your characters. Treat them as if they were real so that can transmit to your readers.

VR: Can you share a snippet of your latest work?

TV: It’s from Protective Heat:

Beautiful up and coming actress Vivaca Carlton had everything she’d ever thought she wanted. Her talent had acquired her enough fame and money to leave the roots of her broken childhood behind and make her loved by all.

All except one. He wanted only her death.

Someone to protect her…

Hired to protect the actress, Quinn Thomas is prepared to be professional and get the job done despite his past distrust of women in the industry. But when he sets his eyes on Vivaca, he knows that guarding her body will be anything but professional.

From sizzling to burning hot, they will both break the bonds of their pasts to claim a love that is worth protecting.

Thank you, Tami, for stopping by! The link to her book is located here.

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