S&M Rumors and….what?


Good day, family!

I hope all of you are doing wonderful and great. It has come to my attention (yet again) that people are jumping to conclusions and stating when they think S&M IV will be out when I barely mentioned it yesterday. The book will be released either next summer or fall. Before some of you get on me because it’s a year away, let’s break it down:

June 2011: S&M I (8K words)
August 2011: S&M II (35K words)
April 2012: S&M III, Vol. I (60K words)
September 2012: S&M III, Vol. II (100K words)
October 2012: Discipline (13K words)

That is five S&M books – three of them out this year. That’s quite a bit. Not to mention all of the other stories I’ve been working on and have released.

Some of you mentioned you don’t like it’s a cliffhanger. Well, it’s a series. Let’s face the facts: if I combined all of those books into one, you won’t read it. Why? Because it’ll be too big and more than likely, too expensive. And I’m still relatively unknown (I prefer the term underground) so you probably won’t want to spend quite a bit of money on someone you never heard of.

When the S&M series is done, that is it. The characters won’t come back in other stories, there won’t be any side stories. That couple will be done.  Look at it in this manner: if I finished Scott and Mariana’s story in Part III, there would be no need for Discipline. Also, Part III (Vol. I and II) would have cost much more. A lot more. And yes, I’m speaking of both books combined.  

So when I say I want to take a break from the characters, please believe me. As much as I love the S&M series, it is very exhausting to write. Even if I did get started on writing IV, it won’t be released any time soon. The timetable would probably still be the same. I have delayed several other stories just to write this series. If all you read from me are the S&M books, that’s fine. Be patient. If you read other works of mine, you’re in for a treat for the future releases. Either way, I sincerely appreciate your patience.



4 thoughts on “S&M Rumors and….what?

    • veraroberts says:

      I have Discipline coming out next weekend. And then I have the sensual erotic story, The Nanny, due sometime in late November/December. I might release a freebie somewhere in between. So yes….busy, busy, busy!!


  1. Nik says:

    I understand and respect your decision. I get that there is more to you than S&M. Just please don’t stop writing. I love your work and can’t wait to read more. Though I love your naughty work (☺),I will give Hot Like Fire a try. Just keep up the good work. Did I say I was a fan? Yup, VR fan right here!

    • veraroberts says:

      Thank you, dahling. There will be plenty of S&M in other stories, but their main one will be a while. But I’m excited about the possibilities. I look at writing that story as creating a great meal. It takes time to develop.


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