S&M III, Vol. II Final Contest

Hello my lovelies, dahlings, and freaks!

Welcome to the final contest to score a free copy of S&M III, Vol. II.  Let’s make it short and sweet:

Here are the rules:

  1. You have to have read Vol. 1. There is no way you can answer these questions without reading Vol. 1.
  2. You have to get ALL of the questions right.
  3. You only have 24 hours from 8 AM PST, September 26th to 7:59 AM PST, September 27th. Be sure you are certain of your answers. If you submit multiple entries, only the first one will count – even if you got all the right answers on the other submissions.
  4. Winners will be selected at random via random.org.
  5. Winners will be announced on Facebook with first name and last initial (or whatever name you want me to use).
  6. The number of participants will determine the number of copies given out. So honestly, I cannot say exactly how many copies are being given away but I suspect it’ll be quite a few.
  7. Those who don’t win, will receive a sneak peek of the S&M Halloween story. And if you also ‘like’ my page on Facebook, I will throw in the first 10 pages of the clean story, Hot Like Fire, before it’s released. Please let me know that as well.

So without further adieu, here is the final set of trivia questions to Vol. 1. Good luck!

  1. Who is Michelle?
  2. What was the account/presentation Scott introduced at the infamous meeting?
  3. Describe Scott’s attire the night he met Sanora (after he and Caprina left EMK).
  4. What did Dimitri wanted Caprina to do in order to make her scandal disappear?
  5. Who are Colette and Rodrigo?
  6. Mariana originally didn’t want the housekeeping job for two reasons. What are they?
  7. What did Sanora say She does for a living?
  8. Scott slept with many women in Vol. I but only a few are named. Who are they? (Think really hard about this one.)
  9. Who was Elliott’s lover (other than Scott and Caprina)?
  10. Why did Scott take Mariana to New York?
  11. What is the name of Jeff’s wife?
  12. When Mariana returned home from cleaning Scott’s house, she stumbled across something in her bedroom. What was it?
  13. Scott referred to a line in a famous song by an equally famous singer in describing his feelings towards Mariana. Jeff referred to another song/singer that described Scott better. Name the songs and the singers.

E-mail your answers at eroticamistress@gmail.com. Good luck!