#SixSentenceSunday: S&M III, Vol. II

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As we continue our S&M month, gearing up for the latest installment, set to be released on October 1st, here is another snippet from the story! Enjoy! Also, as debuted on the Facebook page yesterday, is the new cover. You will notice the cover is the same as Vol. I. Well, Vol. I and Vol. II are two books in one, hence the same cover. The cover for Vol. II is different due to the fact Vol. II is a bit more sad.



Scott played with Caprina’s tongue and she softly moaned, her heat becoming wetter. He reached underneath Caprina’s dress and caressed her ass. It felt so soft and smooth and cupped perfectly into his hands. His tongue moved from her lips and trailed her neck, placing small kisses along the way. His hands slowly began to remove her dress, pulling it down over her breasts and they popped out in front of him. Her nipples were hard and Scott couldn’t wait to suck on them.


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Check back in next week for another Vol. II snippet!


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