#SixSentenceSunday: S&M III, Vol. II

Once again, here is a snippet of the upcoming release. The tentative release date is October 1st.  Enjoy!


Sarah wrapped her arms around her Master’s neck and braced herself for the fucking of a lifetime. She burrowed her face into his neck and inhaled His woodsy scent. “Yes, Master…”

“You like how My cock feels inside you, don’t you? You like how your Master is fucking you, don’t you, slut?” Scott grunted.

“Yes, Master,” Sarah moaned.

Scott’s mouth traced the hollow of Sarah’s neck and a low, guttural moan escaped her lips. “Say it.”

“I like how Your cock feels inside me, Master,” Sarah panted. “I like how You’re fucking me, Master.”


Pretty hot, huh? Stay tuned next week for another Six Sentence Sunday of another upcoming release, The Nanny!



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