Six Sentence Sunday: S&M III, Vol. II

Here is a snippet from the upcoming S&M (Scott & Mariana) release. Enjoy!


Scott joined her on the bed and handcuffed Caprina’s wrists to the bedpost. He slipped the blindfold over her eyes and His hands wandered all over her body.  He squeezed her breasts, feeling the softness of them and played with the nipples between His fingers. He smoothed His hands over her taut stomach and dangled with the butterfly belly ring.

He caressed her inner thighs; they were warm and He felt her fire. Her chocolate folds were closed tight, glistening with moisture and heat. He was careful not to venture into the spot she wanted Him to touch her the most. Instead, He wanted to feel her energy, her passion, her love for Him.

“Have you been a good girl?” He finally asked her.


Release date TBA soon! (Late September or early October 2012.) Thanks for stopping by!


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