Final S&M III Snippet *SPOILER*

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In preparation for the upcoming S&M III release (yes, it’s still in October), I have been posting snippets of the book every Friday. I tend to make a rule that I want to keep my Facebook page as clean as possible while I’ll post any ‘naughty’ snippets on the blog.  I also post snippets from different parts of the book so one is constantly guessing what section a certain scene is from. (Note: none of the snippets posted are in order and quite a few of them won’t make the final cut…hint hint…)

That being said, here is the FINAL S&M III snippet until the release date on October 10th. Please keep in mind, we’re nearing July so October really isn’t that far away. Again, the manuscript is about 100K words, give or take and I will need plenty of time to rewrite and edit. Since the book is almost done, I’ll start the rewriting process sometime in July.  I’ll probably have another novella released somewhere in between now and September so you won’t have a long summer. I haven’t decided on a final price but it’ll be around the cost of Vol. I.

The first snippet is a sexy one. The second snippet, well, is an interesting one.

Snippet #1

Scott joined her on the bed and handcuffed Caprina’s wrists to the bedposts. He slipped the blindfold over her eyes and His hands wandered all over her body.  He squeezed her breasts, feeling the softness of them and played with the dark rosebuds between His fingers. He smoothed His hands over her taut stomach and dangled with the butterfly belly ring.

He caressed her inner thighs; they were warm and He felt her fire. Her chocolate folds were closed tight and were glistening with moisture and heat. He was careful not to venture into the spot she wanted Him to touch her the most. Instead, He wanted to feel her energy, her passion, her love for Him. “Have you been a good girl?” He finally asked her.

Caprina violently nodded. “Yes, yes I have, Master!”

“Ooh…” He purred. “I wonder how I should reward you.”

Snippet #2

Every day when she arrived to the courthouse, Caprina Waters looked like she stepped out of a photo shoot. Her long black mane was neatly pressed. She wore designer suits. Her face was impeccable with perfect makeup. Even fashion bloggers were commenting on how beautiful she looked and wondered what she was going to wear the next day.  She had a permanent smile on her face and didn’t seem to break a sweat despite the serious charges being levied against her.

She knew the truth and so did God. That’s all that mattered.


Elliott Tucker watched the insanity on a web stream. He licked his lips in both disgust and amazement. He thought back to the woman he knew and their brief union. He got his revenge on her very nicely and wondered if that very act set the downfall of her life.

He silently shrugged and shook his head. There were many lives she had destroyed. Maybe it was her childhood, maybe it was her lifestyle. It didn’t matter to Elliott. All he knew that Caprina Waters was perfectly capable of what she was charged with.


Colette Jenkins was sitting in a chair getting prepped by a makeup artist and hairstylist. It was going to be her third interview that week. At first she didn’t like the attention but had come to appreciate it. Everyone wanted to know who she was and the story behind Caprina’s childhood. Was it the truth? Was it a lie? Were there half-truths? Did the abuse really occur? Colette presented herself as a sympathetic figure and many felt sorry for her.

Now all she had to do was cue the waterworks just in time at the right question. She might be able to get a reality show out of all of this.


Dimitri Papadakis was watching the news events unfold. It was a media circus with agencies from all over the world providing coverage of Caprina Waters’ trial. The story made for sensational news: a former supermodel on trial for a heinous crime.

Every news agency had tried to get an interview with Dimitri and he turned them all down. It was bad enough he was connected with Caprina and his name was blasted in every headline in some form. Dimitri read every article and studied them. He watched all the news specials and recorded them. He should have been happy. He should have had a smile on his face, a cross between smug and satisfaction. He had neither.

Nothing, no amount of money, fame, or infamy was going ever to bring her back. His true love.


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    I’m a dedicated fan and totally can not wait for this part to come out! Totally stoked this is coming out in Oct. I’m a libra and this is my birthday gift to me this yr!

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