S&M III release date and some other thangs….

Normally, I wouldn’t do a post like this. I feel my writing should be self-explanatory. However, the “interesting” reaction I received with the release of Vol.1 spurned me to do this. So, this is the only explanation of Vol.1 and Vol. 2 that will ever be posted.

 So…you’ve been waiting…anxiously anticipating with legs crossed (or for some of you freaks, wide open) about the announcement of S&M III, Vol. 2.

 Well, before I get to that, here are a few things:

  1. If you didn’t like Vol. 1, please skip Vol. 2. You’ll thank me later.
  2. If you plan on skipping Vol. 1 and go straight to Vol. 2, just skip Vol. 2 altogether. Again, you’ll thank me later because of reason #3.
  3. Vol. 2 doesn’t start where Part II left off. 
  4. Vol. 2 is combination of Part II and Vol. 1, with a very heavy emphasis on Vol. 1. What do I mean by very heavy emphasis? See reason #5
  5. All the characters mentioned in Vol. 1 are coming back in Vol. 2 in different roles.
  6. Vol. 2 is set up in the same manner as Vol. 1 with the three different sections for the main women: Sanora, Caprina, and Mariana. But there’s one exception…see reason #7
  7. The order is different from the last book.

 Now we got that out of the way, here is the tentative release date for Vol. 2.

 Wednesday, October 10th. Price to be determined.

 Before some of you send me hate emails and come at my house with pitchforks in the middle of the night, I need to explain. Remember when I said S&M III was so big, I had to break it up into two books? Well, it’s true. Vol. 1 was only 60K words, give or take. Vol. 2 is closing in on 100K, pre-edit. Yeah, I have a lot to say.

 Please notice how I said the release date was tentative, meaning it could change. I could release it sooner or I could release it later. Knowing me, it’ll probably be released sooner or on-time. I really don’t like to push back release dates unless it’s absolutely necessary. It will be released this year, however. Even though, I will admit, I’ll be sad to see it go. *insert tear here*

 I’m not going to break up S&M 3 again because that’ll be overkill.  I am thinking about putting together a Collector’s Edition (or giving it away to a lucky few) that contains character diaries, bonus sex scenes, and other little tidbits. Still deciding on that. I did promise Scott & Mariana will show up in another story somewhere down the line as secondary characters and I plan to stick to that.  

 Of course, I can’t leave you hanging:

  1. There will be a contest(s) to win a free copy.
  2. There will be a happy ending.
  3. The BDSM is heavier in the final book. As some of you may noticed, the BDSM gets heavier with each book. Vol. 2 will either make you uncomfortable to read it or excited to try it.

To end this post, on the Facebook page, I have mentioned about the “fucking” scene I was writing. Well, here’s a teaser of that scene:

 He let go of the pinchers and held one of Mariana’s legs to steady himself while his other hand pressed the vibrator against her clit. He moved faster inside her, never taking His eyes off her. “Say My name,” He directed.

“Scott,” Mariana moaned.

“Louder!” He barked.

“Scott!” Mariana cried out.

“Ooh, good girl,” He smiled.

 “My Lord,” Mariana’s body twisted and turned, “can I please cum?”

“No,” Scott kept moving inside her, “not until I want you to.”

Mariana felt her body shake and knew she was going to cum soon. If she did, her Lord would punish her in front of everyone. She didn’t want to risk that. “Please, my Lord…” she moaned.

“Beg for it,” Scott taunted.

“Can I please cum?” Mariana moaned.

Scott turned the vibrator on the highest setting. “I couldn’t hear you.”

Mariana let out a loud shriek. “Can I please cum?” She cried.

By the way, the aforementioned scene…is not in Mariana’s section of the book. I should also point out a lot of the excerpts posted on the Facebook page are also not in Mariana’s section nor are they in any particular order.

It’s about to a long summer for some of y’all.

And there you have it,


10 thoughts on “S&M III release date and some other thangs….

  1. Joneisha Anderson says:

    Love your writing!!! I found S&M 3 to be very interesting. I liked reading about the characters from the previous novels. I have a better understanding of why the characters are the way the are. Looking forward to part 2 girl!

  2. girly2012 says:

    Geez, Ms. V! That excerpt from S&M III, Vol. 2 is so hot, that the public-library terminal I was using on my lunchbreak today crashed six friggin’ times! I was, like, %$#&*! Silently, of course.

    Then again, with scorching action verbs such as “barked,” “moaned” and “taunted,” what else could I expect to happen? (Rhetorical question)

    I’m happy for your success, and enjoy: the anticipation of your new works, finally peeling back each virtual page, and re-reading short stories and — now — books of yours that I’ve purchased.

    You’re one, cool, dirty-and-romantic-minded chick, and that shows in your writing.

    And, hey, author E.L. James is in good company. At least the libraries in that Florida county — the name of which I could give an ish about — which are all in the huff over her BDSM stuff, can’t ban your works.

    P.S. I’ll wait with my mouth gagged until the end of summer to begin “taunting” you about S&M III, Vol. 2. (Just kidding — not about the gag)

  3. Brown country girl says:

    I loved all the books to this point. I hate it people have been “beating you down”. I guess it is bc you are truly talented. I look forward to your next book.
    Please keep up the good work, damned if you do damned if you don’t
    Patiently waiting in lurker status.

    • girly2012 says:

      But what those “beat down” folks forget, Brown country girl (gotta love that moniker), is that Ms. V knows how to wield a whip — literarily speaking, of course.

    • girly2012 says:

      Tamara, you’re a riot! lol! I suppose I’d better not post the book club (a.k.a. witches’ coven) on my Facebook page.

      Wait, how ’bout this: Red-letter T-shirts (related to reading erotica) for us women should be all the rage on eBay. If I had a home computer, I’d take myself up on that offer.

    • veraroberts says:

      They’re throughout the entire book, love. 🙂 The deal is…if I just wrote a book on them and just them, it would’ve been released already and it would’ve been quite boring. Honestly, Mariana’s section is quite boring. All romance and fluff. And no sex. But if you want passion, intensity, drama, and love scenes that’ll make your toes curl, then I had to add in some other supporting players. I will promise that nothing the supporting players do, will take away from the main angle of Scott & Mariana. Again, they’re throughout the entire book. Mariana will experience a ‘coming of age’ moment, if you will, that makes her put a lot of perspective on everything – including if she really wants to be with Scott.

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