Behind the Pen: Til Tomorrow

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In between writing the S&M books, I have managed to finally write others and will be releasing them pretty soon, starting with one in the next couple of weeks. I thought about delaying it to June but why wait?

This story is different from other short novellas I have written for it’s a romance story. Not erotic romance, not erotica. Yeah. So you won’t see cock, pussy, and other explicit euphemisms in this story. There’s no particular reason why I decided to write a romance story. I just wanted to do something different and something that no BDSM in it. I also wanted to expand my readership and show other people that while I’m mostly known for erotica/erotic romance and the ridiculously successful S&M books, there’s more to Vera.

Enter Til Tomorrow….

Til Tomorrow, as a few of you may recognize, is a reboot from an old story I wrote a while ago. I kept the same premise (Broadway star dates professional wrestler) but changed the names and other details. I also had to rewrite the story quite a bit. After all, I wrote the story six years ago.

Anyhoo, enough babbling…here’s a snippet of the sweet and sensual story:

Julian stood out on the balcony and admired the view of Central Park from Abigail’s apartment. Her apartment had sweeping views of the city and was in a relatively quiet area. “Beautiful view, Gayla,” he complimented.

“When I saw this place, I had to get it despite it costing an arm and a leg,” she replied as she fixed dinner, “my parents were generous enough to give me money for a down payment but the rest is up to me.”

“I didn’t know Broadway stars make this much,” Julian looked around at Abigail’s apartment. It had high-ceilings, a comfortably sized kitchen, and hardwood floors. African statutes flanked the large flat-screen TV. African-American artwork hung on her walls. There were a few pictures of family and friends throughout the living and dining room areas.  Abigail’s apartment was nicer than his house.

“I’m pretty frugal with my money,” Abigail set out dinner. “But I occasionally splurge here and there. Dinner’s ready.”

Julian sat down at the table and admired the pasta dish in front of him. “And you cook as well,” he was impressed, “I’m starting to wonder what’s wrong with you.”

“I’m not perfect,” Abigail sat across from Julian, “I just pretend to be when I hit the stage. Now give me your hand. There’s prayer in this house.”

Over dinner, the pair got to know each other on an intimate level, sharing stories of their professions and respective childhoods. Julian realized how much he had in common with Abigail while she was impressed by how knowledgeable the gentle giant was about current events. He finally put the rumor to rest that not all jocks were stupid.

“It’s getting late,” Abigail glanced at the clock on her cable box. It was already 10 PM. “You should probably be heading back to the hotel now. I’m sure you have a big day tomorrow.”

Truth was Julian didn’t have any plans the next day. He wanted to stay longer but he also knew his boundaries with the young beauty. “You’re right. I do need to get going.” He got up and put his chair in. “Thank you for the wonderful evening, Gayla.”

Abigail already loved her new nickname. She hoped Julian was going to make a move on her. She had been used to other men coming up with creative ways to get into her pants, she felt silly to expect the same from Julian. He treated her with kindness and respect. It was treatment she had to convince herself it was normal. “Thank you for coming over on such short notice,” she stood up and led him to the front door, “I hope we can see each other soon again.”

Julian stopped by the door. He softly caressed Abigail’s cheek and pulled her face close to his. “I think we will.” He kissed her forehead. “We’ll be in touch.” He left her apartment.

Abigail watched Julian walk down the long corridor to the elevators. She re-entered her apartment and closed the door behind her. She chuckled as she thought about the possible romance. “Broadway star dates professional wrestler…” She thought aloud. “No one would ever believe that. Hell, I don’t believe that.

She walked back to the dining room area and saw that Julian left his dinner jacket. “Crap! Maybe I can still catch him!” She grabbed his jacket and rushed to her front door. “Juli…”

“Yes?” Julian stood at the entryway. His eyes were smiling and he was wearing a sexy smirk.

“Um…” She breathed as their lips were inches from each other. “You forgot your jacket…”

Julian grabbed Abigail by her waist and pulled her close to his body. Her lips tasted like heaven and sweet wine.  They were warm, confident and welcoming. The heat between their bodies rose as their lips melted and their tongues danced.  “That’s not the only thing I forgot…” He led her back inside.

Their clothing magically disappeared from their bodies as their lips explored each other. Julian picked Abigail up and carried her to the bedroom. He laid beside her and looked into her eyes as his fingers carefully touched her body. Her breasts were small but felt perfect in his hands.  He gently squeezed them before dipping his head to savor and explore them. The tiny buds rolled around his tongue and became harder by the second.

Abigail closed her eyes and let Julian’s mouth and fingers assault her body. She had never felt a need, a longing like this before him. A wanton need took over Abigail’s being and she no longer wanted Julian. She craved him. She desired him. She wanted to be underneath him.


Release date will be announced soon.

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