S&M III Trivia – Part Deux!



Hello Family!

This was supposed to be posted last night but I was having too much fun partying (like you really wanted to know that) so it’s being posted now. Because of the shortened time restraint, there are only 7 questions and the deadline to answer them is 3 PM EST, Saturday, April 7.

Here are the rules:

1. If you won the first trivia, you cannot re-enter.

2. If you were a runner-up during the first trivia, you can enter. If you win, you’ll receive the full book instead of the generous pages.

3.You must get all seven questions correct.

4. If you  haven’t left a review for S&M on the site you purchased it from (since there’s so many nowadays), if you do so, it’ll increase your chances of winning. (There’s your bonus.)

5. If you enter and don’t win, you’ll still receive a free sneak peek just for entering.

Alrighty….now let’s play:

1. Which interns are sleeping with the co-chairs?

2. What restaurant did Scott take Mariana to?

3. “I hope your jaw is okay, too.” – What is that in reference to?

4. What is the name of Mariana’s hometown?

5. What’s a Lalique?

6. “I think I’ll stay for a cup of tea.” – What is that in reference to?

7. What type of car does Scott drive?

Winners will be announced tomorrow. The books will be delivered between Saturday and Sunday evening to your e-mail inboxes. Please make sure I’m added to your contacts so the e-mail doesn’t end up in the junk folder.  Entries should be sent to my personal e-mail: eroticamistress@gmail.com.

Good luck!

And there you have it,