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Remember how I used to flood your inboxes? Geez, writing has taken up so much more of my time now. Now that’s a good thing. A very good thing. But I really miss blogging here. Heh.

So I’m writing S&M III. So far as I’m writing this, it’s about 90,000 words and I’m nowhere close to being done. I guess George R.R. Martin had influenced me more than I thought. Of course, I’m not ridiculous thinking you’re going to read an epic novel so I had to cut it into two parts. But that’s it. No Part IV. No Part V. No Part 23 and 1/2. Three parts is more than sufficient.

The challenge of writing S&M III is the pressure of delivering a great story. S&M II was – and still is – one of my best-selling titles. S&M II didn’t have that much BDSM in it (it really didn’t) but S&M III has a ton. It might make the reader a bit uncomfortable at times but it was important to me, someone who is active in the lifestyle, to show all sides of the scene. BDSM when practiced right, can be so loving, hot, sensual, and exciting. BDSM in the wrong hands is very dangerous and can scar someone for a while, if not for life.

I’m very grateful to the S&M series. I really had no idea a BDSM love story would create such a chain reaction and die-hard readers. I’m still hesitant to say ‘fans’ or call myself an ‘author.’ I’ve had a little success and people like me; that’s cool as hell. But I also know just as fast I get the success and accolades, it can be taken away. I’m very humble.

I am trying to move a bit more away from the erotica genre. I’m not anti-erotica; if anything, I’m very pro-erotica. I just want to explore what else is out there. Now, I won’t start doing fantasy books despite how much I love the Game of Thrones series. But I’m leaning towards erotic romance – a story that has a happy ending (no, not that one) that just happens to have some really, really hot sex in it.

I decided to take the Sex and the Married Woman series and turn it into a book. There’s no estimated release date but it’ll be out sometime this year.  I also plan to release a few other books this year. I’m not giving away too many details but those who have followed me from my ff.net days will be pleasantly surprised to see one work from there in a polished book form.  I already have a title chosen but I won’t say anything yet until it gets closer to the release date. It would be my last official erotica title. Okay, there, I practically gave it away.

Despite all of the tragedy I’ve had recently, writing has been very therapeutic. I can become a little schizo and fully immerse myself into my characters and different worlds. It’s so much fun. I really love what I do. One of my upcoming releases is semi-based on me. Yeah, it is but not really. I’ve always wondered how it would be to have a tongue-in-cheek semi-autobiographical story.

The character, Savannah, goes by the Sex Ambassador and her blog is called The Psycholagny of Rhett Rochelle (because the Intoxication was already taken, get it?). I’m still working on a title for that one. Its working title is Better than Fiction but it might change since I can never have a solid decision, lol.  The inspiration for that book, believe it or not, is from an old ’70s porno clip. Yeah, I’m a weirdo.

Um, that’s about it. Thank you all. I love you dearly.

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5 thoughts on “I really need to start posting more…

  1. danielle says:

    So I check Amazon about once a week waiting for part 3 I love these books…do you know when I can expect to see it for sale?

  2. Sarah says:

    I can’t wait either hon. Bring on the goodness!! And I can’t wait for the re-vamped ff.net story. I think I know which one it is but then again, I always loved your stuff on there.

  3. Rincewind says:

    love u babe so am happy to hear that you’re still going strong with the writing and same as Patrice, can’t wait until next book is on my screen for me to enjoy,..

  4. Patrice says:

    Thank you, thank you for that update! I cannot wait for S & M III to drop! I bought the first one on a whim not expecting much, but girl, I was hooked! You had me laughing, cussing and curious before I was half-way finished the book! While I understand the need to end the series after this one, I hope to read more good stuff from you in the future.


    A fan fo’ life…

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