Behind the Pen: Making of Dear Diary

I’m starting a new series on the Intoxication called Behind the Pen (heavily borrowed from Behind the Music). Sometimes people ask me how I come up with ideas for books or storylines and I like to show you a little (just a little or I’ll frighten you) what was going on in my brain when I came up with a certain book.

We’re going to take a look at Dear Diary. It’s about a woman who shares with her diary, her encounter with a famous actor because no one else would believe her if she told them. I got the idea from several places: a gossip message board I regularly visit, a TV show, a previous encounter, and well, just my weird brain. It seems to work out pretty well, I think.

I chose to write the short in first-person because I wanted the reader to experience what the main character, Renee, is thinking and feeling when she meets up with certain A-list celebrity actor/musician, Clay. She’s not giddy, even though she acts like on the inside. Instead, she’s in a perpetual state of ‘WTF?’, which I felt was more reasonable and believable. If your favorite celebrity asked you out on a date, how would you react? 

So I needed an alpha male as Clay. I described a Black male, tale, chocolately, and just oh-so-wonderful. The more I wrote, the more I thought about I was actually describing this guy:

Lawd have mercy…

I’ve always had a crush on Idris Elba  since me and Mr. K. had become big fans of The Wire. And then we saw him on Luther, and it just solidified my little girl crush on him. Of course, he was an inspiration for the actor, Clay, in Dear Diary (brownie points if you can figure out the connection between the character name and Idris).

Another part of this story is an encounter I had years ago with a certain WWE wrestler. No, I didn’t sleep with him but he very politely propositioned me. Come to think of it, if I didn’t have company with me at the time, I probably would’ve jumped on him and rode him into the sunset. I still think of said wrestler very fondly even though I no longer look at him as a piece of cock (well, maybe I still do…)

So that’s pretty much it. Not as convoluted as one would expect. I’m pretty simple when it comes to characters.

And there you have it,


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