Is that a word? I needed something creative to come up with this blog post and I couldn’t think of anything. Don’t blame me; I’ve been writing and cooking all day. I have to tell you my red chard risotto came out pretty good. I can make a mean baked mac n’ cheese too! Oh yeah, my baked chicken strips were pretty nice. You know my husband and I created a chocolate chip banana nut bread. I think I added too many chocolate chips and nuts, but it came it pretty bangin’!

So what does my cooking have anything to do with this post, let alone this blog? Well, nothing. I just wanted to tell you where my mind was today. I also wanted to tell you that the perfectionist in me changed the character names in Gettin’ It (out TOMORROW, by the way).

Yeah. You read that right. The characters in the sneak peeks aren’t the same ones in the paid version. Now let me explain:

My editor and I went through the story like a fine-tooth comb all weekend and actually made a few changes. I added a couple of scenes and further developed the main characters as you know them – Toni and Chris. After the umpteenth revision, I decided I didn’t care for the character’s names. Now, this isn’t a new thing. My characters often go through many names before I decide on a final version. (For example, in the S&M series, Mariana’s original name was Melanie, then it morphed to Christine, and I finally settled on Mariana.) Normally I don’t make a character name change this late in the game but when I really want to change something, well, it gets changed.

So for those who do read the paid version, you will notice the different names. You’re damn right I’m not telling you here. What’s the fun in that? (Smile!) You’ll also notice a very unusual thing in the paid version as well: a very personal story in the lengthy dedication. (Remember when I said if you want to read about my personal life, you have to pay for it?)

There are a few other tidbits in Gettin’ It I will reveal later this week. I will say this: you will more than likely be SHOCKED on how and where I got the inspiration for some of the things the characters do. Some of it is based on real life and some of it, well, I’ve been inspired. A lot.

And there you have it,



One thought on “Mind-Changer

  1. Clare says:

    Looking forwards to reading this book Vera, and I must say I love the cover you posted for it. Looks awesome. 😀

    I must say I don’t very often change the names of my characters. Once I christen them they’re stuck with it!

    I look forwards to seeing who Toni and Chris have become.

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